The Best of Asia Advisers Network - Volume II

| 18 Dec 2019

The lines we won't erase.

In life, there should always be some form of a continuation. Same goes for work. After a milestone, we work towards the next, and the next. For many of you, it’s the annual achieving of your goals. Whether to be the #1 protector in your agency, or to be the best version of yourself each day. But, we all know, it’s our history that makes us. The faults that toughen us, the mistakes we learn and pass on wisdom from, and the skills and knowledge that are built from having experience life.

At Asia Advisers Network, it would be the lines that we won’t erase.

Sure, we may look back and cringe at our work. But that’s no laughing matter. In fact, it’s a sign that we have improved and honed our skills to the point we know we can do better. These would be the lines to serve as a reminder that today, they are our best. But one day, we will look back again and be pleased that we have more work to be proud of.  

And as Aristotle said before, “well begun is half done”. So, paying homage to our first volume of The Best of Asia Advisers Network, for without it we wouldn’t have put together a second volume of it.


The Best of Asia Advisers Network, Volume II

Download volume II here.

A compilation of our best works - hand-picked, debated and took us over a month for selection –these articles showcase not only why we champion so hard for the insurance industry, but also to shine light on the true heroes who bring honour and raise the bar higher, so that one day, the stigma that haunts the profession would slowly fade off into the abyss.

These articles are our most read and most popular among our readers. So, bringing you what we do best, the volume is broken down into 5 areas of expertise:

  1. Beyond the Insurance Industry
  2. Senior executives’ insights
  3. Learning from the industry’s best
  4. Industry news and developments
  5. Food for thought

Beyond the Insurance Industry

Featuring interviews from all over the world, we have: John C Maxwell- Global speaker on Leadership, Chris Gardner- Author and inspiration for the blockbuster The Pursuit of Happyness, Kechi Okwuchi – who survived a plane crash and is a Top 10 finalist of America’s Got Talent, and Theresa Goh- Paralympic medallist, and world record holder in the SB4 50metres and 200 metres breaststroke events.

Senior executives’ insights

Part of our strength is that we maintain good relationships with insurers and executives that make impactful decisions that affect the industry and society at large.

Hearing their point of view through interview sessions and sharing the lessons through these articles are vital for agents and advisers to know what’s coming in the future. In this segment, you’ll find Ng Keng Hooi- AIA Group CEO, Ariel Cantos- Former CEO of Philam Life, Koh Hoe Shin- Chief Partnership Distribution Officer of Manulife Vietnam, and Ben Tan, Managing Director of Great Eastern.

Learning from the industry’s best

Shining the spotlight on professional agents and advisers. Some of these featured agents are winners and finalists of the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

Articles range from success stories, all the way to proven strategies on how to achieve MDRT or even build your own MDRT Team. Want to learn how to recruit more? Just look into this segment and you’ll find blueprints shared by selfless practitioners who only want the industry to move forward. After all, the law of attraction works here that if everyone does well in the industry, it’ll be easier to recruit talent and the industry’s standing would be a positive one.

Industry news and developments

Attending media conferences and press launches are also part of what Asia Advisers Network does. We put ourselves in the front so that we can bring back news to the rest of you who can’t be there.

Just in 2019, we visited seven countries, attending major industry events and providing media coverage to bring you the latest developments and lessons learned. After which we shared through various methods of communication to ensure you get the updates. 

Food for thought

Controversial? Maybe not? But it’s definitely going to put your mind into thinking mode. Featuring pieces that trigger “How, what, why, and should I?”

One of the best pieces highly recommended and reposted by agents and leaders is “and insurance agents will become “docile as a puppy”- What?! – by Editor Benjamin Ang, as it brought to light how insurance agents and advisers are still being seen even as the market develops and mature. Often viewed with stigma, agents and advisers also have to battle media sources who paint them in not so nice colours.

Together, we can all do our part to raise the professionalism and standing of financial practitioners. Work with us, we are your partner and we stand with proper needs-based financial planning by professional agents and advisers.   


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The Best of Asia Advisers Network Volume II was launched at our #AANis2 anniversary celebration where we marked our second year and spent the evening celebrating our milestone with industry friends whilst making new ones.

For those who didn't manage to join us, check out video highlights of the evening and pics of the party on our facebook page.

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