A day in the shoes of Asia's Top 5 Rookie Insurance Agent of the Year Jaslyn Ng

| 28 Jan 2020

Video edited by Azri Bahari

A familiar name not just in Prudential, but within the insurance industry, Jaslyn Ng is top five Rookie Insurance Agent of the Year at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards.

She is among the top 0.1% of Prudential Singapore, having achieved awards such as Premier Silver,  Premier Summit, MDRT, COT and the highest recognition in the company - the President’s Club. What’s even more amazing? She did this all within the first year of joining the insurance industry!

How to achieve MDRT – by Jaslyn

So what’s a typical day like for this high achiever wearing multiple hats including that of an agency leader, financial consultant and a mother of two? Let us bring to you a day in her shoes compressed to a 5min clip.


Giving up $250,000 per annum

To understand what made her who she is today, first, you’d need to know her background.

Prior to joining the insurance industry, Jaslyn was a Corporate HR senior executive for 11 years, managing Global Compensation and Benefits. She was so highly sought after that an MNC offered her $250,000 per annum to be a Global Compensation and Benefits Director. She gave it all up with the realisation that she wasn’t happy and satisfied with her career, and her health had suffered due to the stress and pressure that came with the high flying job.

Prioritising her health, family and happiness, she gave up the opportunity and left her stable job to enter the insurance industry. She took the leap of faith as she chose to be happier and healthier with more time to spend with her loved ones.

Starting the day at 5am

She would usually start her mornings at 5am every weekday. And that’s because she has to send her daughter off to school around 6am. Other than getting her daughter ready for school between 5 – 6am, she catches up on reading the news, scrolling social media feeds, replying emails and texts, and doing case preparations.

After she sends her daughter off, she wakes her son up and gets him ready for school.

She has a precious routine with her son every morning. And that is to race each other from their block to the multi-storey carpark. It’s roughly 100 meters away with a little windy path and a sharp turn that sometimes tilts the race to Jaslyn’s favour. When we asked why she races with her son in the mornings? She said, “Caydren feels very proud every time he wins me.” And as a mother, it matters to her that she is present to build her children’s confidence and to see them happy, which she feels are important in their childhood and upbringing.

Once her son is in school, Jaslyn’s mind is tuned in to work. During the 30min car ride to the office, she listens to audiobooks on the Blinkist app while she drives. She then shares the lessons she learned from the audiobooks on her instastory as a form of engaging her friends and followers.

Becoming better by lifting others up

Already in the makings of a good leader, Jaslyn was promoted to become an agency leader in Feb 2019. “Being an agency leader is no longer about my own success, it’s about building the team and grooming them to the next level,” she said.

To facilitate sharing of knowledge within the team and to engage in role plays, she started a Learning Festival with her mentor, Jaden Wang. “I realised many consultants find it difficult to explain a seemingly difficult product or complicated product in simple concepts to consumers. Through these sessions, what we’re trying to do is to help them break it down into bite-sized understanding and then for them to share this with their customers or prospects. For me, seeing my own team succeed and doing well makes me feel really proud and happy. Personally, it is also an important testament to prove that whatever I know, in terms of knowledge, skillsets and experience can be imparted to my team,” she explained.

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As an agency leader, Jaslyn checks in with her team. But she continues to check in with her manager, Jaden, too. As she considers herself relatively new in this financial services industry, she would pick his brains for suggestions on resolving tough issues.

Always hungry to improve and better herself, she is a firm believer in upgrading, picking up new skills, learning new things and staying relevant to current trends. To do this, she takes time off regularly to attend training conducted by Prudential and externally.

Building real relationships

She typically spends most of her day running around for multiple appointments. There’s a misconception that financial consultants are always hustling only to acquire new leads and new clients. To Jaslyn, she focuses on servicing existing clients and building real and genuine relationships with them. “It means I walk the paths with them whenever they need me,” she said.

We had the chance to meet one of her first few clients during the filming. Han Shi became her client when she was starting out in the insurance business in 2017 and continues to be supportive and a key centre of influence. The genuine relationships with her clients are all built on a strong foundation of trust and friendship, which is partly the reason why Han Shi referred many of her friends to Jaslyn.

On days she ends in the office, she’ll work out any upcoming Jaslyn Ng Group activities and workshops with her PA.

No two days are the same. She stresses that some days are busier, and some days less so.

But the beauty of this career is that it suits her lifestyle – working with passion, yet being in control to have enough time to spend with her biggest “WHY”- her children, Claire and Caydren.

This is how a typical day in Jaslyn’s shoes look like. How about yours?


Assets Prestige Alliance (APA) is a group of agency units of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore.


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