A professional office to attract professional talent - Wave Chow

| 14 Feb 2020

Video edited b y Azri Bahari

Wave Chow is the Insurance Agency Leader of the Year 2019. In an exclusive interview where #TeamAAN visited his office in Hong Kong, we were astonished the moment we stepped in. Greeted at the front desk is an augmented reality that appears when you shoot with your mobile camera.

He explains that the interior design of the office is really to suit his team of young professionals of which 96% of the team are tertiary graduates and above (Masters and Doctorates). As most of his clients are high net worth individuals and families, the interior design is kept professional and practical.

Watch the video to see how sleek his office looks like!


Office to engage and raise the industry’s image

Wave mentioned that the team frequently organises activities in the multifunctional room and studio. And bearing in mind to give back to the community, Wave’s team is more than willing to offer their spaces to non-profitable organisations to hold their activities.

In keeping up with the industry’s image, Wave said the more guests visit their office, the more likely it is to leave a good impression on them, and in turn, leaving a good impression when they think of buying insurance or joining the industry.


Key to agency building

“Quality recruitment is the most significant factor for a team to achieve success,” said Wave. “The best training can never make up for a mistake in selection,” he added.

Wave is confident that by hiring the best candidates, his team will continue to grow and develop.


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