Compilation of top 10 training videos to boost your business

| 28 Feb 2020

"Well begun is half done"- Aristotle

Bringing you 10 training videos made in partnership with Jensen Siaw International to help you do better as an insurance agent or adviser. 

1. How to turn on the CHARM in conversations

Coach Joshua Luke shares his CHARM formula on how to engage better with friends, clients or people whom you've just met. 

2. How to sound confident

Whether you find your voice too high pitch or too deep, Performace Breakthrough Coach Jensen shows you where's the sweet spot to sound confident, yet natural and at a comfortable level.

3. What to do if a prospect has negative perceptions of your company or products and services?

Neuro-Persuasion Expert Tylus Lim from Jensen Siaw International shares how to reframe a prospect's mind to focus on the positives and the strengths of your products and services in this Jensen Siaw International X Asia Advisers Network collaboration.

4. How to write a LinkedIn Post.

Brought to you by Founding Editor of AAN, Benjamin Ang. He has an impressive background in so many areas: journalism, editorial, insurance, entrepreneurship, and a speaker at multiple international events.

So, If you want to level up in your writing game, watch this clip as he shares an overarching principle when it comes to writing anything.

5. Charge up for a better 2020

A new year, a new start. For those who achieved your goals, a big kudos to you. For those who fell a little short from reaching your targets, don't lose hope. There's no need to beat yourself up or feel devastated. Because it is okay to fail, and Ben tells you why in this video.

6. Becoming more productive

Ever heard of the Traffic Light System? You might wonder how has this got to do with being productive. Find out from Performance Breakthrough Coach Jensen, as he shares his special technique with you on how to become more productive.

Get the template here:


7.Improve your personal branding with Coach Joshua Luke.

In this episode, Joshua shares that there are 5 Es to pay attention to when it comes to personal branding, and he'll be sharing this E called Engage.


8.Increase your Social Selling Index (SSI) score on LinkedIn

Let Social Media and Digital Marketing Stretegist, Andrew Chow share with you how to become better on LinkedIn by boosting your Social Selling Index. He shares the 4 components to look out for, and how to do better at each component. 

9. Throw your hat over the fence

Guilty of setting new year resolutions in Jan and forgetting about them by Feb? 

Neuro-Persuasion Expert Tylus Lim from Jensen Siaw International shares the concept of "Throwing your hat over the fence" which will help you achieve your goals.

Small goals or big goals, learn what it means to throw your hat over the fence in order to achieve them. 

10. For whom are you doing it for?

There will be days where you think you've done enough. Days where you want to just give up on your goals and dreams. Days where you would question yourself "why are you still doing it".


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