COVID-19: Demonstrating your value in times of need - Day 1

| 02 Mar 2020

Video edited by Azri Bahari This video is jointly produced with Jensen Siaw International to support AAN members in these challenging times of COVID-19

How can trusted financial advisers extend extraordinary service to customers in this market that is affected by the Coronavirus situation?

Jason Tan is a Leads Gen Architect and has carefully planned out a special series helping agents and advisers build a stronger and tighter bond with their customers. Jason crafted out a 3-day plan for all to easily follow and pick up. Helping you to re-engage your existing customers, and proving to them that your commitment to them is forever, especially in a worrying time like this.

Helping your customers tide through this difficult time together is a good way to develop a trust-based relationship. 

So, here is Jason's Day-1 advice for you:

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What you can do

Many customers are unsure of their Coronavirus coverage. In the case of quarantine or hospitalisation, they might not know what to do.

You should send your valuable customers a physical letter to inform them of just that. And reassure them should the need arise, you’d be the best person to provide your dedicated and expedited support for them.

But why physical letter instead of email or text message?

A physical letter is a novelty as not many people are using this approach to engage with one another today. Thus, making it more memorable because it is tangible, and it feels more sincere as you have invested your time to put this personalised information together.


Another tip

It might be a good idea to send a small but meaningful gift to your customers together with the letter. For instance, maybe a few surgical masks or in a market that hand sanitizers are in high demand, you could send them a pack of ingredients that allows your customers to DIY their own hand sanitizer.

Once you mail out this letter, it will take a few days before your valuable customers receive it. So before your customer receive the actual mail package. There are a few more things that you should be doing. So, stay tuned to the next video on other high touch relationship ideas with this series of demonstrating your value in times of need. 

This video is jointly produced with Jensen Siaw International to support AAN members in these challenging times of COVID-19.

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