#EmbracingNewNorms to better serve clients

| 09 Jul 2020

Video edited by Azri Bahari

The COVID-19 pandemic and the countermeasures announced caught many people by surprise and threw financial practitioners off-balance. But by adapting rapidly and embracing new norms, Jamson Chia, Financial Services Director, SP-Strategic Alliance, Authorised Representative of AIA Singapore Private Limited (Reg. Number 201106386R), shared how it has helped him double his number of appointments and serve his clients better.

One of the key changes is the use of video conferencing to meet clients, as well as hold meetings.

The COVID-19 circuit breaker measures have accelerated the acceptance of video conferencing meeting amongst clients, he said. It is an efficient way of delivering messages without losing the essence of face-to-face meetings. Jamson opined that 30-35% of future business could be conducted via such non-face-to-face meetings – high-tech, yet high-touch.

And the benefits are obvious. Embracing video conferencing has improved the efficiency in his business processes. He shared, “I have more appointments in a day as I no longer need to spend time travelling around. And, from a District Director point of view, team meetings are also delivered in a more efficient manner as team members come together in the comfort our own home.” While he averaged four appointments a day in the past, his day now stretches to eight appointments.


Beyond video conferencing, beyond appointments

The change and resulting impact go beyond video conferencing and appointments. Jamson said that he is grateful to AIA Singapore for its help in adapting to the new normal.

AIA Singapore has been investing heavily into digital enablement under a 3-years comprehensive digital roadmap. With the technology put in place, staff and AIA representatives are able to serve customers in all areas of new business, policy changes, claims and customer service.

Using claims process as an example, he said AIA Financial Services Consultants no longer have to travel all the way to meet a client to collect receipts for claims. At the click of a button on a client’s mobile phone, these claims can be processed with ease and securely. “Within three working days, my clients were paid which took them by surprise,” he said.

And when it comes to new business, “It is amazing”. AIA Singapore has supported its representatives with ready-made e-content materials for presentations and tools to service customers and complete sales entirely through non-face-to-face interactions, including identity authentication via My Info, and remote authentication by the customer on the sales. Premium collections are also done digitally via Pay EZ, its secured digital collection platform, including instant Giro and PayNow.

Regain balance and move forward

Asked for words of encouragement for financial practitioners who have yet to embrace the new norms, Jamson shared: “One of the greatest joys during this circuit breaker for me was teaching my youngest girl how to cycle. I soon realised that actually, life is very much like cycling. You must first be able to throw yourself off-balance before you can regain balance and move forward.”

Be willing to try new things even if it may take time to be off-balance and regain momentum, and it could improve your efficiency and the way you service your clients. At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for everybody, he concluded.


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