FINFluencer riding the digital wave - Maybel Heng

| 28 Aug 2020

Maybel Heng, PRU FINFluencer, Assets Prestige Alliance

The COVID-19 outbreak has indeed brought about many new changes to our lifestyle. Apart from the need to practise safe distancing and avoid physical contact with one another, one of the biggest changes was the implementation of digital tools in the workplace.

As livelihoods are affected, professions that we once thought could not go digital went digital. Naturally, those in the financial consultancy field would not be exempted from this digital wave.

Face-to-face meetings became virtual appointments, physical presentations are now done online, and many other processes that were once manual needed to be automated and digitised.

However, transitions are never easy, especially when we need to experience a complete 180° change from what we are so used to.

Enter APA’s PRU FINFluencer - Maybel Heng

An initiative rolled out by Prudential Singapore made this transition more seamless and effortless by selecting a handful of Financial Consultants to be digital influencers (known as PRU FINFluencers).

They are the forerunners to use any new apps or digital tools introduced by Prudential Singapore. Subsequently, they were the ones who will then guide and teach their colleagues to embrace digital platforms.

Maybel Heng, from Assets Prestige Alliance (“APA”), was selected to be part of the exclusive PRU FINFluencer group. Despite being busy adapting to the changes herself, managing her clients and taking care of her family, she took on the role with gusto and passion. With prior experience working in the creative and communications industry, she knew the importance of digitalisation and the benefits that digital marketing can offer.

She attended the training sessions and never complained about the amount of work required. She took everything in stride and embraced the challenge wholeheartedly – a strong testament of her personality and dedication to always do her best in whatever task that she undertakes.


“Her exemplary behaviour as a PRU FINFluencer is truly commendable. She went the extra mile to ensure all of us were familiar with the newly-released apps and digital tools. She even managed to master them at such a short time as well, which shows the amount of effort she puts in!”

– Jaden Wang, Assets Prestige Alliance, Co-Founder


Leading by Example

Maybel played a quintessential part in making sure that the Financial Consultants at APA were well-prepared to embrace the digital waves. She tirelessly prepared workshops and training programmes to guide her colleagues to familiarise themselves with the new systems in place, and she was always ready to lend a hand when anyone was unsure of anything. She is a strong believer in using social media such as her Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram, and her own blog site, to reach out to the different audience segments and to build up one’s personal branding.

As a FINFluencer, Maybel hopes to see more Financial Consultants actively using social media to brand themselves and to increase the level of professionalism for the industry. She continues to find new ways to learn and upgrade herself especially in the digital sphere.

Thanks to her diligence, APA Financial Consultants were able to continue serving clients to the best of their abilities, always forward-looking and adapting to grow and thrive no matter the circumstances.


Assets Prestige Alliance (APA) is a group of agency units of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore.


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