Towards MDRT Together 2020

| 03 Sep 2020

Ms Delia Wong, Country Chair of MDRT Membership Communications Committee (MCC) Singapore

Asia Advisers Network is pleased to catch up with Ms Delia Wong, Country Chair of MDRT Membership Communications Committee (MCC) Singapore (2019-2021), who shares her thoughts on the upcoming 3rd MDRT Day Singapore, with the theme 'Towards MDRT Together' happening on 16-17 September 2020.

The first-ever virtual event is open to all Million Dollar Round Table members and non-members, wherever you might be around the world!

Why is MDRT Day Singapore 2020 a must-attend event?

Delia: This is our third MDRT Day event in Singapore. MDRT Day Singapore 2018 and 2019 were very well received and that had spurred us to organise the third edition.

We were planning since the beginning of this year to host a physical MDRT Day Singapore in July 2020. We monitored the COVID-19 situation and thought it was not going to be feasible and decided to postpone and change our plans.

The MDRT Day Singapore this year is special because my team took a big step of faith and courage to organise our first-ever virtual event, especially in this challenging year during a pandemic.

The team selected the speakers and put together a programme line-up ensuring that it is as relevant as possible to inspire the participants to adapt and to adopt new norms, and not to give up in achieving MDRT and beyond. 

Could you share more about the team behind this event?

There are 14 members in the team, working day and night since the beginning of June when it was decided that we will go ahead and organise a virtual event. Great spirit and support within the team, members put in a lot of hard work speaking with the management staff of various companies, negotiating and planning with the event vendor, and arranging many video calls and meetings with speakers and sponsors.

The MDRT membership requirement for 2021, based on year 2020 production, can be found at

MDRT MCC Singapore has a Facebook page "MDRT Singapore". MDRT MCC Singapore organises 2-3 events annually such as First Timer Qualifiers' event and MDRT Day Singapore. Due to COVID-19 situation this year, we are unable to organise the First Timer Qualifiers' event.

MDRT Day Singapore plays a major role in motivating the industry to qualify for MDRT. Hence, the team is determined to organise the Virtual MDRT Day Singapore 2020 and make it a success. The team also engages with the insurance companies regularly to find out how they are doing and how MDRT MCC Singapore may help. 

Why is qualifying for MDRT still important, living in a COVID-19 world? What tips would you give advisers to adapt and thrive in the current environment? 

We live in challenging times. We have to remember that many of our clients whom we serve, we had promised to serve them and their families during both good and challenging times.

MDRT qualification displays these traits: dedication, professionalism and excellence. Hence, this provides assurance to the many families out there that an MDRT adviser is in a positive environment that enables him/her to grow continually.

I believe that a positive attitude and accountability towards one another within the MDRT community helps one stay in check.

The insurance industry has been ever-changing and COVID-19 situation simply escalates this process. Therefore it is crucial that advisers are willing to adapt to changes and new ways of working even when they may not be comfortable with it.

The key is learning to get out of the comfort zone, and that requires huge courage and determination. 

Tickets start from S$38 with group discounts available. More information is available at

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