MDRT Virtual Event Day 5: Stay on Offense

| 10 Aug 2020

Video produced by Azri Bahari. This MDRT coverage is brought to you in association with Manulife.

On Day 5 of MDRT Virtual Event, we focus on staying on offence. What to do if the voice inside you says 'quit', why this is the time for bold leadership, the science of happiness and how to create moments? It's all here.

Life is Magic

Jon Dorenbos

Jon Dorenbos, a former NFL All-Pro, elite magician and a survivor of immense tragedy, shared his extraordinary life story and talents as a sleight-of-hand magician to prove that life is magic.

Jon, who had an aortic aneurysm that required immediate surgery and ended his pro career, said: “May we talk to ourselves. May we not listen to ourselves but rather talk to ourselves. And when times get tough, don't listen to the voice inside you that says ‘quit’.

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“Instead, tell yourself where you want to go, tell yourself what you're going to be because I believe that the words that we tell ourselves, it makes a difference.”

The day starts right in the mind, he said. If you want to be a champion, show up on time and ready to work even when the market goes down, when things are going bad, when all of a sudden industries are going left and right, the world all of a sudden just takes a turn.

“Here we are doing virtual presentations. I'm going from the stage to the screen. May we make the best of it and we realise that we are all better together than we are as individuals,” he said.


The Science of Happiness

Daniel Gilbert

Daniel Gilbert, Psychology Professor at Harvard University, broke down happiness into its two most basic components — the happiness we stumble upon and the happiness we create.

“More money equals more happy. Full stop,” he said. “But that doesn't mean that every dollar you earn buys the same amount of happiness.”

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Some dollars buy more happiness than others. And the dollars that buy the most happiness are the first ones.

“Every dollar you earn buys you happiness but it buys you a little less happiness than the dollar you earned before,” he shared.


Disruptive Innovation

Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Patrick Schwerdtfeger, a specialist on technology trends including big data, artificial intelligence, fintech and blockchain, spoke about disruptive innovation.

He said: “Who's going to come and eat our lunch… it's the wrong approach. What you should be asking is who else’s lunch can we eat?”

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This is a time for bold leadership and to stay on offense.

If other companies are going to flounder and even fail, there are opportunities for other companies to come up and take their place.

“That's an opportunity for you, for me, for any business to stay on offense and to look for opportunities to grow our businesses,” he said.


Build Your Life Resume

Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler, an American entrepreneur, shared how you can reach your maximum potential by focusing on your wellness, mindset and business.

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Once you start to think of opportunities as an entrepreneur as moments, it creates a tremendous amount of urgency. And one of the most important things as an entrepreneur is to figure out how to get from point A to B the fastest and speed up the process, he said.

“So when I think about my journey forward as an entrepreneur, as a dad, as a son, as all the different buckets in my life, the way I kind of approach it is, if I have an opportunity to create a special moment or a memory, I take it,” he said.

This MDRT coverage is brought to you by Manulife.

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