Make the Shift: Former Cabin Crew to Agent of Life - Naomi Chua

| 27 Oct 2020

Naomi Chua (Credit: Great Eastern)

Changing career might seem daunting, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences. Here's the story of Naomi Chua, who made the shift from a former cabin crew to now a Great Eastern Agent of Life.

What motivated you to make the shift?

“Aside from the career advancement opportunities and rewarding benefits, I desired to make an impact and wanted some autonomy in my career.”


How has your past vocation as a Cabin Crew member helped you in your current career at Great Eastern?

“I learnt so many people skills that are useful to my work today. These skills have helped me manage clients, and be able to delight and engage people from all walks of life.”


What’s your favourite thing about being an Agent of Life?

“Being able to protect and take care of my dad. At first, he was unsure about my decision to join the insurance industry. But in my 5th year, he eventually purchased his first life policy with his very first financial consultant – me!”


Everyone has something unique to offer. In collaboration with Great Eastern, we’ll be bringing you various Agents of Life, who have made the shift, to share their story.

From those who’ve served in the military to those from the finance industry, they’re here to answer your questions and give you insights on how their old skills have helped them learn new tricks.

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