Judge highlight: Jude Gomes, CEO, Union Assurance - omnichannel strategies are the future of insurance

| 03 Mar 2021

Jude Gomes, CEO, Union Assurance

Sitting on the judging panel of the 6th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards is Jude Gomes, CEO of Union Assurance.

With over 27 years of rich experience in the financial services sector, he shares his thought about the Awards and the industry.


  1. What do you think of the Awards, and why should agents and advisers participate actively?

The Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards is a respected industry awards for the region, organised by the prestigious Asia Insurance Review and Asia Advisers Network.

The panel of judges consists of 30 industry veterans and representatives from global insurance bodies. The transparent judging process is audited independently, thus validating the authenticity of the selection process.

To win this award in any category is a significant achievement for the individual and the company as it adds credibility, boosts profile, and importantly, it allows companies and applicants to view their position from a different paradigm.

The application process is uncomplicated, and requests for the most salient information that will position applicants for a winning entry.


2. What would you be looking for in selecting worthy winners?

The multiple categories will have specified criteria. However, the overarching features we will be looking for are uniqueness, contribution to industry and society, and impact.

Applicants who demonstrated a strategic approach with new ideas and practices that made a difference in 2020, to the industry and the community in general, will be worthy winners.


3.  What must agents and advisers do to continue to stay relevant in the years to come?

Insurance is experiencing a technology revolution that is causing the disruption of an old industry. Agents and advisers should stay abreast of developments in digitisation.

With simplified buying processes, agents and advisers will have more time and opportunity to invest in adding value to clients and providing them with insights and education on their coverage needs paving the way to building stronger, robust relationships.

Customer service will be a highly valued feature in a digitised world, and agents and advisers will be well-placed to make human interactions more meaningful.   


4. What impressed you most about the industry in 2020, and what trends do you see in the coming years?

The year 2020 was a landmark year for many industries, and I am impressed with how quickly the industry adapted, shifting gears to adapt to the multiplicity of challenges.

Being dependent on manual processes and face-to-face transactions for the most part, the industry has seen a streamlining of processes and systems.  

Insurance companies are also focusing on business continuity plans, with systems and processes in place to fall back on to minimise impact in the event of a crisis.

Limited physical interaction and work from home practices will mean that insurers would need to find new ways to reach out and build relationships with customers.

Consumer expectations have shifted dramatically, revolving around speedy transactions, an expanded product portfolio and shortened buying processes.

With attention shifting online, and fragmented across multiple channels, omnichannel strategies are the future of insurance for providing customers multiple opportunities to be better served.


More on the Awards

The 6th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards recognises the best in financial advisory with an independently-audited judging process and a panel of 30 esteemed judges consisting of CEOs, Senior Executives, Association Presidents and subject matter experts, drawn from Asia and beyond.

Backed by strong industry support from leading insurance associations and organisations in the region, close to 60 winners from 12 markets have been recognised over the past five editions.

This year, two new categories – Employee Benefits Consultant of the Year and Employee Benefits Provider of the Year – have been added to recognise expertise in providing customised solutions for organisations of different sizes with different talent management needs.

Nominations are now open via online submission. Third-party nominations close on 8 March 2021 and full nominations close on 22 March 2021.

What are you waiting for? Submit your entry today 

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