FSMA: Newly elected Management Committee announced at 25th Annual General Meeting

| 07 Apr 2021

The Financial Services Managers Association (FSMA) announced its newly elected Management Committee 2021/2022 during its 25th Annual General Meeting.

The respective members’ portfolio in the Management Committee are:

President: Andy Law

1st Vice President: Michael Chen (Membership Chair)

2nd Vice President: Queenie Ang (Education Chair)

3rd Vice President: Kurt Ng (Education Deputy)

Hon. Secretary: Leslie Ng

Hon. Treasurer: Hux Lim

Committee Members: Leonard Chen, Eric Ang, Royce Goh, Sean Tan, Desmond Lin

Congratulations to all appointment holders and committee members who will take office with effect from 1 April 2021. 


FSMA President message

Image: Andy Law President, FSMA Management Committee 2021/2022

Andy Law, President, FSMA Management Committee 2021/2022, said, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management Committee (MC) of 2020/2021 and our Board of Governors (BOGs). Without the wisdom and guidance of our BOGs, and the MC working together, we most probably would have struggled more in the face of the changes caused by the pandemic. No words and actions of appreciation would be enough, I am glad and proud to be able to work and learn together with this band of amazing people."

"Moving forward, 2021 will be another unique year where I strongly believe that FSMA and all the members can look forward with anticipation. Digitalisation and continuous change are something we would have gotten used to by now, but they present a new set of challenges. Our threats and outlook would continue to evolve because so much of it depends on the virus. However, I sincerely believe that our future is ours to shape. FSMA remains committed to our motto - 'To Lead and To Serve' - and together, we can surely achieve greater heights," he added.

Andy Law shared five key trusts for 2021 during his address at the 25th AGM:

1. Education: In the past years, our courses leading to the CIAM (Chartered Insurance Agency Manager) certification has been approved for funding by IBF (Institute of Banking and Finance Singapore) and we got accreditation for one of the course, AMTC (Agency Management Training Course). In 2021, we would proceed to kickstart the accreditation for the rest of the courses namely Pacesetter, AES, and MAPS.

2. Membership: At the moment, our membership consists of about 1,360 members, making up about 70% of the industry leaders in Singapore. We would like to drive this number up towards 1,500. We are also looking to increasing our engagement with the members digitally and therefore we are looking for a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system that would enable us to do this better.

3. Digital Presence: In this day and age, having a digital presence is important. We managed to drive our presence back in 2019/2020 under Calvin Lee's helm and I would like to bring this back as our priority. In line with the increased engagement of members through CRM, we aim to increase our presence in social media, namely Facebook and LinkedIn, along with our official website.

4. Singapore Management Awards: Based on the government's announcement a few days ago, it would seem that we might be able to hold this award night physically. Our committee would work towards this and we aim to hold the event in June. Keep a lookout for the event details and I hope you would continue to participate in this award night. You have contributed even more in 2020, let us appreciate your contribution to the industry!

5. Singapore Agency Managers' Conference: We aim to hold our SAMC in August, and we are still unsure about the ability to hold this physically. We will, however, work towards it and will keep you updated. Our team will continue to invite curated speakers to share their best practices for all of us to learn from. Please keep a lookout for the event details!

I look forward to working together and partnering with you this coming term.

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