Infinity Wealth Management Financial Ecosystem: the unparalleled springboard for financial consultants

| 03 May 2021

Image by Infinity Wealth Management

Two TOTs, 15 COTs and 68 MDRTs in 2021 qualification - that's the report card for Infinity Wealth Management Group, the top group in Professional Investment Advisory Services.

Infinity Group’s vision: To build an integrated ecosystem encompassing a full suite of advisory-support capabilities to serve financial consultants.

Motto: Continuously adding value to our people

It is not uncommon for financial consultants to feel stuck after a few years in the industry. Many tend to hit a “glass ceiling” despite impressive results early on in their careers, unable to achieve significant further breakthroughs.

From experience, this is due to a stagnation in acquiring new knowledge and a limitation of growth in their current environment.

Infinity works around a financial ecosystem that provides holistic support for its financial consultants to accelerate their careers and grow their businesses.

Encompassing all 10 essential dimensions of financial advisory, Infinity’s consultants are given every tool necessary to perform at nothing but their best.

From leads generation to prospecting capabilities, Infinity offers specialisation support that includes mortgage loans, wills and estates, and employee group benefits. By catering to clients’ varying needs, Infinity advisers are free from restrictions to serve across industries.

The consultants also get to learn from experienced professionals during weekly training sessions as part of the Infinity training academy, where they hone advisory skills and learn special techniques to stay at the top of the game. 

Since 2017, consultants are given exclusive access to i-NITIATE, the company’s very own proprietary fintech software. With i-NITIATE, they stay ahead in this digital age with their own digital assistant to connect with their clients better. The software has the ability to increase a consultant’s average daily effectiveness by 38% and sends out automated premium reminders to clients in a personalised way. 

The group has also invested in curating personal branding videos for their consultants over the years. Their top producers have also been featured in local publications such as The Sunday Times and The Business Times

To read up more about Infinity’s financial ecosystem, head on to or visit their Facebook page.


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