Manulife partners LIMRA to secure top advisory talents

| 18 May 2021

Manulife has announced a three-year partnership with LIMRA with the aim to recruit Asia's best-in-class, most customer-centric insurance advisors to meet Asia's growing demand for health, retirement, and insurance protection.

Under this partnership, Manulife markets across Asia will adopt LIMRA’s bespoke tool, Career Choice, to support identifying and assessing candidates who are committed to providing professional financial and insurance advice to improve the everyday lives of their customers.

Manulife is also supporting its newly recruited insurance advisors through various learning and development programmes, including the newly launched Manulife Business Academy, to help propel their careers.

Based on a set of market-specific questions and an easy-to-use, self-generated report, LIMRA's bespoke tool evaluates and predicts a candidate's potential, entrepreneurial spirit, and prospecting courage.

Career Choice is currently being rolled out across Manulife's Asia markets, with Hong Kong and Singapore being among the first franchises to use the bespoke tool. Manulife's Japan business is already using the tool successfully, and Manulife's emerging markets in Southeast Asia will fully adopt the tool by mid-2021.

“Our Career Choice tool is one we built specifically for predictability, where we can identify whether an individual will become a successful life insurance adviser, said LIMRA Asia regional CEO Bosco Lau. “It will help Manulife to recruit the best candidates. And, for candidates, it will help them better understand the value they bring to people's lives as they provide the needed insurance advice to customers.”