Financial Adviser of the Year 2021 - Lee Zi Yi, Michelle

| 22 Jul 2021

For using her position and knowledge to empower women financially and strive towards greater economic and social equality; for upgrading herself with the necessary skills to enhance the quality of her service to clients during the pandemic; and for dedicating time, effort and resources to social initiatives.

Over the past year, Michelle has established a substantial following of more than 20,000 followers on her Instagram where she consistently curates educational content to educate her clients and followers on financial literacy. She also achieved Court of the Table (COT) in 2020.

As a financially literate woman with the skills and expertise to grow wealth, she utilises those assets to collaborate with women-owned businesses to provide financial literacy webinars and Instagram live series for women to have access to a robust and meaningful financial education.

She firmly believes that investing in women’s financial literacy is the key to achieving economic and social equality. With greater economic self-sufficiency and empowerment, there are no limits to what women can accomplish and she hopes to continue doing her part to empower women to achieve financial wellness.

In October 2020, she collaborated with United Women Singapore for their Empowered Women Series on Wealth Building, where she pledged her time, effort and 100% of the proceeds from her webinars on financial literacy to United Women Singapore and successfully raised S$1,000 ($755) to support UWS’ flagship Girls2Pioneers STEM programme and their local anti-violence initiatives.

During the pandemic, Michelle sought to upgrade herself with the necessary skills to gain a competitive advantage and enhance the quality of service for her clients. She implemented a robust infrastructure that supports various swings in financial activities such as conducting online Zoom calls and hosting webinars, which proved to be beneficial for her clients.

Michelle has also been volunteering with Meals On Wheels, delivering packed lunch boxes to senior citizens living in rented or single room flats. As her following on Instagram continued to grow, she utilised her knowledge and expertise in the financial field and launched her first ever webinar on “How to Start Investing” for her followers. She managed to raise S$1,170 from the investment webinar and 100% of the amount was donated to Singapore Children Society.

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