Infinity consultants bring home victory after victory despite the pandemic

04 Mar 2022

It has been two years since COVID started and it has been messing up industries and businesses since then.

It has been two years since COVID started and it has been messing up industries and businesses since then.

While some have actually gained an advantage because of the pandemic (e.g. telehealth services, delivery services, box subscriptions, online careers, etc.), there is still the fact that the majority of businesses suffered because of it.

And it is especially worse for those that are built around the relationship they have with their customers/clients.

One great example for this is the Financial Advisory Industry.

Just like teachers and travel agents, the concept of face-to-face meetings was essential to Financial Consultants. This has helped in building and strengthening the trust that their clients have for them—which is (needless to say) an important aspect especially when you have to deal with people’s finances. 

Now, about 80% of a Financial Consultant’s day-to-day tasks are being handled virtually.

The other 20% are those related to customer service—or how they can add their own “personal touch” to their practice and build better relationships with their clients. However, this is the part that gets sacrificed the most because of the pandemic and the safety protocols they need to abide by.

But aside from that, there are still a handful of changes in the Financial Advisory Industry that have made it quite challenging for Financial Consultants.

Which is why it is amazing that numerous Infinity Wealth Advisers have been thriving despite the roadblocks they encountered during the past two years.

In fact, last year (2021) was a year filled with astounding triumphs for the company. Their Consultants rose to the occasion and were able to gain prestigious achievements because of their undying dedication, persistence and passion for this field. 

In a span of 365 days, Infinity Wealth Consultants achieved the following:

3 TOTs

The Top of the Table (TOT)—this is the highest level of recognition and membership for MDRT’s top performers and the epitome of success in our industry.

These three Consultants managed to do the unimaginable.

This prestigious Top of the Table (TOT) 2022 Qualification puts all three of them among the Top 1% of Financial Advisers worldwide.

12 COTs

The Court of Table (COT) is one of the greatest achievements in the Financial Advisory Sales Industry.

And to see these 12 Advisers qualify for it is amazing.

Some of them are also Financial Services Managers/Directors—which makes this a true testament of their leadership qualities.

What is even more impressive is that many of them are not first time qualifiers—they have been constantly qualifying for COT over the last few years.

And that speaks volumes about their dedication and level of excellence.

60 MDRTs

The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) is one of the greatest milestones that Financial Consultants strive to achieve.

And this was bagged by not one, but 60 Infinity Advisers.

They are now on the road to gaining more and more success in this industry.

But it did not come easy.

All these Advisers had to overcome certain challenges brought by the pandemic since 2020.

And here are some of those hurdles:

Zoom and its pitfalls

Here is another business that thrived because of the pandemic: Zoom. A lot of people have been using it for their professions—teachers, office workers, freelancers, influencers. And now we are adding Financial Consultants to that list.

As we all know, maintaining a healthy relationship with clients is an important task for all Financial Advisers. This is why they cannot stop having meetings or any form of communication just because of the virus.

Now, Consultants mainly use Zoom as a tool to reach and discuss important matters with their clients. They mostly do their consultations here.

It has not been a walk in the park though. Since we are talking about sensitive information, there’s still a certain risk attached to virtual meetings. There is a lot of security measures that they have to follow in order to protect their clients’ assets.

The struggles of adapting

The disrupted work practices that have been built for years—and how the industry had to resort to the “new normal” way of doing business.

A lot of these “new normal” ways are actually very unconventional for most Advisers—especially those who have been in the business for years and years now.

And this has ultimately tested Financial Consultants’ flexibility and resilience.

Rapid Growth of Covid Cases

Another challenge is the continuous rise of COVID cases in Singapore. Right now, there are over 10,000 new cases per day.

And in order to amend this issue, the Singapore government has been continuously updating the health regulations and restrictions. Which is why Financial Consultants have to remain nimble and should be able to adapt and adjust along the way. 

As you can see, the Financial Advisory Industry did not have it easy during the pandemic. Although it is not a complete drop in sales (since more and more people are actually opting for financial planning, estate planning, etc. because of the uncertainty brought by COVID), it still added a lot of pressure and challenge to our Consultants.

But the fact that Infinity Wealth Consultants managed to rise higher despite everything shows their tenacity, grit, and drive to give their very best to the people who trust in them.

The team also continued in their respective training groups, namely: Focus group trainings, MDRT team meetings, weekly product analysis trainings, engagement of FinTech and client webinars (i.e. Infinity Intuned).

And the list goes on.

Infinity Wealth Management continued to hustle and they will continue to be consistent, to roll out more trainings to equip their people, and to see more opportunities in the midst of this crisis.

There is no doubt that Infinity will continue to rise and gain more achievements in the coming years.

This article is in paid partnership with Infinity Wealth Management and was authored entirely by them.