Bupa Hong Kong launches critical illness insurance scheme

| 18 May 2021

Bupa Hong Kong has announced the launch of Bupa Safe, a new critical illness plan that covers up to 98% of all serious critical illnesses with monthly premiums starting at HK$108 ($13.90).

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people are more likely to endure high stress levels, poor diet and lack of exercise, contributing to the growing prominence of critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Studies have revealed that new cancer cases in Hong Kong reached 34,028 in 2018, meaning on average, 93 people were diagnosed with cancer every day. Between 2008 and 2017, the number of people diagnosed with heart disease and stroke increased by 21% and 13% respectively.

Bupa Safe features three layers of protection – major critical illness benefit, early-stage critical illness benefit and additional cancer benefit – for up to three lump sum benefits payable for separate conditions at different times in life, with an aggregate benefit of up to HK$3.3m.

It covers up to 85 conditions including the three major critical illnesses – cancer, heart attack and stroke, and five early-stage critical illnesses including carcinoma in situ and early-stage cancer.

The recurrence of cancer is a huge burden for cancer patients. Research shows that stage III or IV ovarian cancer can recur in up to 70-80% of cases, while stage II lung cancer can return in 37.6% of cases.

The additional cancer benefit enables an extra lump-sum payout even after the major critical illness benefit has been paid, in the unfortunate event where the member is diagnosed with new or recurrent cancer, with a waiting period of one year.

An optional cancer treatment reimbursement benefit offers additional protection with affordable medical coverage for covered cancer on top of critical illness benefits. In addition to a lump sum payment, members will receive full cover of hospital and surgical benefits up to HK$1m per year for eligible diagnostic tests and cancer treatments including psychiatric treatment.

Apart from medical expenses for surgical and non-surgical cancer treatment, this benefit also covers outpatient care and monitoring, psychological counselling for both the patient and caregiver, physiotherapy, complimentary therapy, Chinese herbalist treatment and other treatments, with an experimental treatment cash allowance to take care of members’ treatment and recovery needs, and support both their physical and mental health.

Bupa’s health coaching services also offer Bupa Safe members a special cancer care programme, where qualified nurses and health management professionals provide personalised follow-up throughout the patient’s cancer recovery, as well as emotional support and a variety of health information such as cancer care and dietary tips, and information about traditional Chinese medicine therapies.

Commenting on the launch, Bupa Hong Kong general manager Andrew Merrilees said, “We’ve seen the alarming prevalence of critical illness in our community, and the burden it places on families. People are looking for more support. We also know that many young people have not purchased an individual medical insurance plan, but are looking for affordable products to protect themselves from major illnesses.

“To respond to this need, we have developed Bupa Safe at a competitive price to provide them with complementary and all-round coverage, from treatment to recovery, for their physical and mental wellbeing.”