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  • IFPAS: Newly elected Executive Council to take office in May

    The Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS) announced that its newly elected Executive Council 2020/2021 will officially take office in May 2020.

    Date : 08 Apr 2020
  • Are your advisers motivated? (part 2)

    If you're an agency leader, director or a recruiter, this training video is for you. Specially crafted by Performance Breakthrough Coach, Jensen Siaw, this video is a follow up from part 1.

    Date : 06 Apr 2020
  • No hospitalisation coverage for individuals who violate Singapore's travel advisory and are admitted for suspected COVID-19

    In line with the Ministry of Health's (MOH) announcement on 24 March 2020, Singapore Residents and Long-Term Pass Holders will not be able to claim under MediShield Life (MSHL) or Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) if they:

    Date : 06 Apr 2020
  • Singapore: Measures by General Insurers to Support Customers Facing the Impact of COVID-19

    The General Insurance Association ("the Association") of Singapore today announced additional measures by the general insurance sector to support customers during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

    Date : 06 Apr 2020
  • #MunchwithJenandBen- ep 03- It's Magic! BONUS SCENE

    If you've watched episode 3 of #MunchwithJenandBen, you'll know that Edmund khong (one of only four World Master Clowns in the world) shared his magic trick and even taught you HOW to do it!

    Date : 06 Apr 2020
  • #MunchwithJenandBen - episode 3 - Creating magic in your life

    Joining hosts International Motivational Speaker Jensen Siaw and Asia Advisers Network Editor Benjamin Ang on "Munch with Jen and Ben" episode 3 were Jaslyn Ng, Asia's Top 5 Rookie Insurance Agent 2019, a high-flying HR Director-turned-COT producer, and Edmund Khong, one of only four World Master Clowns in the world (yes, not only is he best in Asia, he is also one of the World's best clowns).

    Date : 02 Apr 2020
  • Malaysia: NAMLIFA appeals for greater relief measures in COVID-19 crisis

    The National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance and Family Takaful Advisors (NAMLIFA), has appealed for more measures to be introduced to lend a helping hand to policyholders and members in this Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

    Date : 02 Apr 2020
  • Are your advisers motivated? (part 1)

    Being an agency leader and managing a few agents and advisers can be tough. You'd want your team to do well and stay motivated throughout the year. But how do you know if your advisers and agents are motivated? Can you measure motivation? And what happens if your advisers tell you they are motivated but they may not be truly 100% motivated?

    Date : 01 Apr 2020
  • COVID-19: Singapore's central bank and financial industry announce measures to support individuals and SMEs

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), together with the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS), the Life Insurance Association (LIA), the General Insurance Association (GIA), and the Finance Houses Association of Singapore (FHAS), announced a package of measures to help ease the financial strain on individuals and SMEs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Date : 01 Apr 2020
  • What are your parents' financial plans? - Kenny Tey

    It's never easy to raise the topic of financial planning, even if you're in the finance and insurance profession. The topic of money is often sensitive and threaded carefully with strangers and even more so with family members. An article written for both practitioners and consumers, Kenny Tey, an active member of the Insurance and Financial Practitioners Association of Singapore (IFPAS), shares methods and situations on how to broach a sensitive topic like this to your parents.

    Date : 30 Mar 2020
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