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#MDRTGC2019: Get to the heart of the matter

| 04 Sep 2019

2019 MDRT Global Conference - Part 2 highlights (Edited by Sharon Zhong)

The highlight of yesterday's MDRT Global Conference 2019 in Sydney was "MDRT Speaks". MDRT Speaks is where top advisers from the MDRT community worldwide share their best ideas to help fellow practitioners in the financial services industry in easily digestible quick tips.

Ross Vanderwolf

Ross Vanderwolf, Immediate Past President, MDRT, said: “You can predict what sort of person you’d be in five years’ time by looking at the people that you spend the most time with.”

“And MDRT is an incredible way to shrink the globe, making the world a smaller and friendlier place, simply by volunteering. The ability to gain leadership skills for selflessly giving back is one of the cool benefits of MDRT membership.”

The Robot speaks

Sophia the humanoid robot

Wowing the crowd during scheduled “Brain Breaks” was Sophia, a social humanoid robot. Think of her as “a personification of our dreams for the future of AI, as well as a framework for advanced AI and robotics research, and an agent for exploring human-robot experience in service and entertainment applications”.

On Artificial Intelligence disrupting industries and its role in the foreseeable future in the financial services industry, Sophia said, “At the end of the day, there is no replacement for human empathy or emotion. My role is to enhance the human experience and make things easier for you.”

Get to the heart of the matter

Curtis Cloke, a 20-year MDRT member with two Court of the Table and 12 Top of the Table qualifications, and Cristine Tan, a 16-year MDRT member with one Court of the Table qualification, both spoke about reaching the heart of prospects and clients.

Curtis Cloke

Curtis emphasised the power of asking questions to get to the heart of the matter. “Get their story first,” he said.

In the first meeting, there are 3 important goals:

  • Appeal to their survival instinct – What’s in it for me?
  • Make sure they feel heard – Not when we hear them
  • Connect with them emotionally – Now they’re ready to listen

Hit the heart, the head will follow

Cristine, said, “Connecting with our clients on a deeper level is the best way to build trust and long term loyalty. Studies conclude that 90% of purchase decisions rely heavily on senses and emotions.”

Cristine Tan

An example of the question she asks is when speaking to a breadwinner, “When was the last time you and your spouse sat down to talk about the event called ‘death of a breadwinner’?"

"Here I am, speaking on behalf of your widow, your orphans. Hear us well.”

She added, “When I ask questions, my intention is not just to know them better. But for them to know themselves better. This may be the only time clients get to realise what matter matters most to them, the desires of their heart, dreams, fears, relationship with their loved ones.”

When you speak the language of the heart, you will see that you are able to successfully create a massive connection with them.

The MDRT Global Conference ends today (4 Sep). Stay tuned to Asia Advisers Network as we bring you more coverage and exclusive interviews.


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