Hong Kong: Manulife launches ManuVital Care with coverage against 112 critical illnesses and diseases

| 12 Nov 2019

Manulife Hong Kong has announced the launch of ManuVital Care to offer essential coverage against 112 critical illnesses and diseases at affordable, guaranteed premiums. Daily premiums from as low as HK$3.80 (US$0.48).

With features such as a step-up premium plan and an option to convert to a more comprehensive critical illness solution, ManuVital Care is tailored for those looking for critical illness protection and financial flexibility, such as younger generations at the earlier stages of their careers.

Wilton Kee, Chief Product Officer for Individual Financial Products at Manulife Hong Kong, said: “With healthcare costs on the rise, it is important to have adequate critical illness protection that can provide customers with peace of mind. In Hong Kong, young adults are no exception when it comes to critical illnesses. Cancer, heart disease, and stroke are the leading causes of death, while new cancer cases increased by 18% between 2011 and 2016 among Hong Kong people aged 20-34. With critical illnesses striking at a younger age, appropriate protection becomes even more important.”

ManuVital Care offers the following key features:

•             112 critical illnesses and diseases covered: ManuVital Care provides extended protection against 60 major critical illnesses, including cancer, heart attack (myocardial infarction) and stroke, and 44 early-stage critical illnesses, such as carcinoma-in-situ and early thyroid cancer, up to age 100. It also covers eight juvenile diseases, such as severe asthma, up to age 18.

•             Solid, affordable critical illness protection: Whether customers are looking for essential critical illness coverage or extra coverage to supplement their current critical illness plan, ManuVital Care offers cost-effective protection without putting a strain on personal finances. A healthy non-smoker man who buys ManuVital Care for himself with a notional amount of US$62,500 (equivalent to HK$487,500) at the age of 25, by choosing the ManuVital Care (step-up premium) with an initial annual premium of US$177 (equivalent to HK$1,379) for the first 15 years, only needs to pay US$0.48 or HK$3.8 a day.

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•             Guaranteed premium for easy financial planning: Depending on one’s financial circumstances, he or she can choose the level or step-up premium plan. Level premium is guaranteed and will not increase throughout the premium payment period. It is available to customers who pay their premiums over 10/15/20/25 years, or up to the age of 65 of the life insured. Step-up premium, exclusively offered by ManuVital Care in the market, is lower and fixed in the first 15 policy years. After that, it will increase to a guaranteed, pre-determined amount, which will remain unchanged afterwards. It is available to customers who pay their premiums up to the age of 65 of the life insured. Regardless of which option is chosen, the premium is guaranteed at the time the plan is taken up, even if the insured person’s health condition changes.

•             Option to convert to a more comprehensive critical illness plan: Unlike other existing plans available in the market, ManuVital Care customers may exercise this conversion option on their 5th policy anniversary without the need to provide Manulife any additional health information, as long as no benefits have been paid under this plan and no critical illnesses have been diagnosed before the conversion is approved.

•             The plan also offers a range of other features, including the inflation protector option, guaranteed death benefit, guaranteed cash value, maturity benefit, and non-guaranteed terminal bonus for greater peace of mind.



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