Thailand looks to set up central claims centre for health insurance

The Thai Life Assurance Association (TLAA) aims to establish a central claim centre which will pool all health insurance claims. This will improve convenience for claimants and hospitals, reduce claim processing costs and help prevent insurers from inaccurate claims, said a report from the Bangkok Post.

Many life insurers in the country offer products through the digital channel. However, the industry still lacks sharing facilities unlike the banking industry which has ATM pools.

The incorporation of a central claim centre will therefore enable all health insurance policyholders to make claims at a single point regardless of their insurer according to TLAA president Nusara Banyatpiyaphod.

A medical bill claim can then be shared in proportion or based on policies that are taken out first in the case of multiple health policies, she said.

A central claim centre helps insurance policyholders, hospitals and insurers not only cut costs, but also supports the ecosystem for digital insurance in the future. It will also allow hospitals to view a patient’s health insurance benefits instead of manually checking from life insurers' websites.

Making a claim for multiple health benefit policies is a time-consuming process because some insurers require an original receipt for hospital bill claims to prevent policyholders from ‘overclaiming’, said Ms Banyatpiyaphod.

"It would be better if the association can create a central claim website for hospitals to let them know the overall health benefits of patients just by filling out the 13-digit ID number. Life insurers should provide better services for customers than we do now,” she said.


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