COVID-19: Demonstrating your value in times of need - Day 3

| 04 Mar 2020

This video is jointly produced with Jensen Siaw International to support AAN members in these challenging times of COVID-19. Video edited by Azri Bahari.

How to be a helpful adviser to build rapport with customers today? In this day and age, great recognition and customer satisfaction come from great customer experience. Here's how you can demonstrate value and be top of mind despite the developing situation with the coronavirus.

The final video of this 3-part special training series produced in collaboration with Jensen Siaw International to support AAN members in these challenging times of COVID-19.

Leads Gen Architect Jason Tan from JSI shares a carefully planned 3-day campaign to help agents and advisers demonstrate value and commitment to customers in the current situation to enhance the trust-based relationship.

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Jason’s Day 3 advice:

By now, your customers should have received your mailed letter together with your small gift – which might be some surgical masks if you have spare ones or some ingredients that your customers could DIY their own hand sanitizer.

Now it’s time, the right time, for you to show up to your customer. Don’t worry, not physically showing up.

You can do that by sending them a video of yourself, letting them know you have sent them some gifts, too.

In the video, you can show them how to wear the mask correctly.

And you can also send them a video of your step by step guide in terms of how do they DIY their own hand sanitizer.

Why send a video message?

Some may ask, “Why must it be video?”

Video has the power to close up the proximity between you and your customers psychologically. Meaning, even though you didn’t show up physically, when they see you in the video, they feel that you are physically present in their mind!

And this will also help your customer to remember you better – by about 90%. And when they receive a video message, 81% of the time, they will reply you. So you know that your messages are not being ignored. 

Remember, if you really want to be a trusted financial adviser that is rated highly by your customers, you cannot rely on just product-based relationship.

To attain the pinnacle of your relationship with your customers, you must go beyond the call of just buy and sell duties.

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