Prudential launches digital health app Pulse, available to everyone in Singapore

| 28 Apr 2020

Prudential Singapore has launched mobile app, Pulse by Prudential, to provide all Singapore residents with round-the-clock access to healthcare services and real-time health information.

With the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Pulse, users can check their symptoms; conduct a digital health assessment to better understand future disease risks; and seek timely health advice, at any time and from anywhere.

Launched on 23 April 2020, Pulse is available to everyone in Singapore. Singapore residents aged 18 and above can enjoy the following benefits without having to pay any subscription fee when they download Pulse and register their profiles:

24/7 Video Consultation with a Doctor at S$15. The fee does not include cost of medication and delivery.

Daily hospitalisation allowance under the S$1.5 million PRUcare package

  • S$100 daily allowance (for up to 3 months of hospitalisation) for non-Prudential customers hospitalised between date of app (Pulse) registration and 31 May 2020.
  • One-month extension of S$200 daily allowance (for up to 3 months of hospitalisation) from 1 July to 31 July 2020 for Prudential customers. This includes employees of its corporate and SME customers who are covered by its Group Insurance.

Since the launch of the PRUcare package on 19 February 2020, Prudential has paid out more than S$800,000 in cash benefits to those impacted by COVID-19.


Prudential Singapore’s CEO Dennis Tan said, “The launch of the app in Singapore is timely in light of the COVID-19 spread and the nation’s circuit breaker measures. With Pulse, one can have real-time health information at their fingertips and ready access to a doctor without having to leave their homes.”


Making healthcare affordable and accessible

Pulse is part of Prudential’s region-wide strategy to make healthcare affordable and accessible to all individuals and families. Other than Singapore, Pulse will be rolled out to 11 markets under Prudential’s network across Asia.

The digital health app, designed to empower people to take charge of their health and well-being, will continue to evolve with more value-added services slated for launch in the second half of the year.

The following in-app health and wellness features, backed by UK-based Babylon and Singapore-based MyDoc, are available to all users in the first phase of the app’s launch in Singapore. The Symptom Checker and Healthcheck are not intended for detection or diagnosis of diseases.

AI-powered Symptom Checker - The AI-powered chatbot provides users with insights into possible health conditions based on the symptoms experienced. At the end of the chatbot conversation, users are guided to an appropriate triage outcome (e.g. Self Care’, ‘Pharmacy’, ’GP’, ‘GP urgent’, ‘Hospital or ‘Hospital urgent’) and provided further information about possible causes where available.

AI-driven Healthcheck - This is a lifestyle assessment and disease risk prediction tool. By doing a 15-minute digital questionnaire, users can get a report in real-time on their overall health status and long-term disease risks based on their lifestyle habits, medical history, family’s medical history, diet and mental health.

Video Consultation with a Doctor - Users can schedule a video consultation with a GP at any time of the day. The GPs are available 24/7 and will diagnose and advise on the appropriate treatment(s), whenever applicable. Users can opt for delivery of their prescribed medicine or collect it at a local Guardian pharmacy.

“Prudential has always believed in encouraging people to live well for longer. By leveraging health technology, we want to partner everyone in their health journey to prevent, postpone and protect against the onset of diseases which are often linked to lifestyle choices,” said Mr Tan.


Financial consultants an important part of eco-system

Pulse by Prudential can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS users) and Play Store (Android users). Other than verifying whether the user is an existing Prudential customer, the user would also be prompted to enter an Agent Referral Code.

Prudential Singapore’s Chief Customer Officer Goh Theng Kiat said that the company views financial consultants as an important part of the ecosystem to service and help customers.

Mr Dennis Tan added that agents help to deepen relationships with customers and drive deeper conversations with customers, and will continue to play an important role as the app continues to evolve with more value-added services.


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