#Voxpop: How has the pandemic affected you?

| 29 Oct 2020

Video edited by Sharon Zhong

For the first time ever, Asia Advisers Network took to the streets to interview people on how they feel the pandemic has affected their work and lifestyle.

It’s informal. It’s unrehearsed. It’s zero pretence.

Positioning ourselves right in the middle of Singapore’s CBD, we asked respondents how the pandemic has changed the way they view working arrangements, as well as their career and aspirations.


Expectations have changed

One thing is clear. For most respondents, expectations of work needs and life priorities have changed. What was once frowned upon or seen as a nice-to-have perk of remote working is now highly valued.

Overall, many people are embracing the new normal - seeing the benefits and flexibility of being able to work remotely or from home. With the time saved from the daily commute, there’s more time available to spend with loved ones and on personal pursuits for a more meaningful life.


What does your dream career look like?

Given the change in expectations, we also asked respondents how their dream career would look like.  Besides flexible hours and remote working options, ideas of being their own boss, making their money work for them, and pursuing their passion were also mentioned.

But is having a dream career possible today? Especially given the uncertainty of the pandemic situation and bleak economic outlook?

Watch the vox pop and stay tuned to an upcoming panel discussion with some special guests.


This vox pop was done in collaboration with AIA Singapore. Consent to air and contact tracing details were taken from the interviewees.

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