Manulife launches two new enhanced long-term savings plans

| 24 Nov 2020

Manulife Hong Kong announces the launch of ManuGrand Saver 2 (MGS 2) and ManuImperial Saver 2 (MIS 2), two new enhanced savings plans that are built on their predecessors launched last year. The plans offer a feature to help customers better manage periods of financial uncertainty and allow for greater flexibility in legacy planning through a contingent life insured option.

The key new feature of both plans is a premium holiday, which is designed to help customers manage during periods of financial uncertainty. If customers choose to pay for the plan over five or ten years, they may take a premium holiday for up to two years at any time after the second policy anniversary, during which all premium payments, guaranteed cash value and annual dividend accumulations will be frozen.

The two enhanced plans also come with an option that allows customers to pass on their policies to loved ones by nominating a contingent life insured. This means that in the event of the life insured passing away unexpectedly, the policy would continue with the nominated contingent life insured becoming the new life insured and with all the benefits retained.

The aim is to give customers greater flexibility in their legacy planning.

Both plans have their own merit. MGS 2 offers a higher guaranteed cash value for extra stability and suits those who look for more certainty in their financial planning. MIS 2 offers a potential higher return, making it more attractive to those with a higher risk appetite.

Under both plans, customers have the flexibility to lock in a non-guaranteed terminal bonus, if any, for withdrawal or accumulation. They can also pass on their wealth to the next generation, along with life protection.

Wilton Kee, Chief Product Officer and Head of Health at Manulife Hong Kong said, “Wealth accumulation is a vital part of financial planning, but it’s a lengthy process and over time one’s financial needs and priorities might change, so it’s not always easy.

“Riding on the success of ManuGrand Saver and ManuImperial Saver, which were very well received by the public, we’re now adding new features and services to help customers build their savings with additional benefits.”

MGS 2 and MIS 2: Key Features

Three ways for long-term savings.

The two savings plans offer three ways for potential long-term savings: steady wealth accumulation with guaranteed cash value; non-guaranteed annual dividends on each anniversary of the policy after the premium payment period, which can be withdrawn or left to earn non-guaranteed interest; and a long-term non-guaranteed terminal bonus if the policy ends and is cashed in or if the life insured passes away.

Realization option to lock in potential gains.

To realize potential long-term savings gains from the non-guaranteed terminal bonus without cashing in the policy, on the 15th policy anniversary or every anniversary thereafter, customers can lock in up to 50% of their terminal bonus amount, if any, as long as the aggregate realization percentage is not more than 50% for each policy.

This can be added to their annual dividend accumulations to earn interest. The realized terminal bonus can at any time be withdrawn from the annual dividend accumulations as financial needs change.

Flexible withdrawal options.

Should the need arise, customers can withdraw their locked-in terminal bonus, if any, or any non-guaranteed annual dividends which have built up. As well, it’s possible for customers to partially withdraw the guaranteed cash value and non-guaranteed terminal bonus by reducing the notional amount.2

Passing on wealth.

Customers also have the option to change the life insured to another loved one. So, for example, a customer could take up a plan and then later change the life insured and policyowner to their child, thus passing the wealth on. As well, customers can choose to nominate a contingent life insured.

This means that should the current life insured pass away unexpectedly, the policy may continue to be in force with the nominated contingent life insured becoming the new life insured. As such, all benefits under the policy will be retained.

Options for paying premiums.

To help them plan more easily, customers can choose to pay for the plan in a single payment if opting for MGS 2 and over 5 or 10 years for both MGS 2 and MIS 2, in order to best suit their needs.

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