AIA Singapore invests more than S$5m to support employees, local workforce and the wider community amid COVID-19

| 25 Dec 2020

AIA Singapore has invested over S$5 million in several community initiatives to comprehensively support Singaporeans throughout 2020. These include holistic efforts to making quality healthcare accessible to all, providing monetary assistance for their employees, boosting the mental resilience of working Singaporeans amid a trying time for mental health, and creating employment opportunities in the financial sector.

Committed to nurturing future generations and doing their part for the community, the life insurer also continues to do good by practicing corporate social responsibility even in a fiscally challenging climate. This year, AIA Singapore raised over S$550,000 for their two adopted charities, Children's Wishing Well and the VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer. The funds raised come on top of AIA Singapore's multi-million dollar investment in keeping the community resilient as Singapore transitions to its eventual Phase 3 reopening.

Ms Wong Sze Keed, Chief Executive Officer of AIA Singapore, said, "The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the important role insurers play in society. It is a chance for life insurers like us to show Singaporeans that we care about their holistic wellness and safeguarding every aspect of their health and wellbeing when they need it the most.

“We have taken it upon ourselves to find new and timely ways to put our people - our employees, insurance representatives, customers and the wider Singapore community -- first by providing them with peace of mind whilst living amid this uncertainty. We will continue to honour this commitment in 2021, delivering on our promise of enabling healthier, longer, better lives."

Protecting what matters most to all: the health of the nation

In a time when Singaporeans are more conscious of their health and the need to safeguard their loved ones and future, AIA Singapore is doubling down on their commitment to help ensure quality healthcare is accessible to all. The insurer is extending comprehensive support to ensure the community's physical and mental wellness are well-supported during this exceptional period.

Throughout 2020, AIA Singapore has invested millions into providing necessary coverage, services, and support to keep Singaporeans protected against infectious diseases and health risks prevalent in the pandemic. These initiatives include: 

  • Free COVID-19 special coverage for 2.6 million of our customers, employees and their dependents, and AIA Insurance Representatives. Of which, about 500 customers who suffered from COVID-19 received financial help for the medical bills. This special coverage will also be extended till the end of June 2021.

  • Gift of Care campaign, to provide customers with free access to tele-consultation services provided by WhiteCoat. 

  • Providing 50,000 medical tele-consultations for AIA HealthShield Gold Max policyholders.

  • Invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the "Resilience Mindset" programme for corporate customers, a four-week course that aims to improve the mental wellbeing of employees. Since November 2020, this quarterly programme is accessible to 1.2 million members of the Singapore workforce, helping them cope better with working from home through the practice of positive habits daily.

  • Insuring over 200,000 individuals against dengue through free AIA Dengue Defence Cover product coverage, paying out claims to 447 policyholders.

  • Providing over 20,000 individuals with protection against infectious diseases through the AIA #ShareTheLove insurance plan.

  • Participating in a drive to provide 5,000 care packages to healthcare workers -a thank you to our silent heroes, the brave frontliners.

Bringing hope to Singapore's workforce amid evolving ways of working 

As with their customers, AIA Singapore places a high priority on their employees and AIA Insurance Representatives - the people who keep the company going with their commitment and dedication. The insurer recognises their vital role in equipping their people for the new future of work, and creating sustainable, long-term career opportunities for the rest of the workforce.

In line with continued efforts by the government of Singapore to create and protect jobs for locals across sectors, AIA Singapore allocated significant funds to support their employees while working from home and generate career opportunities for aspiring professionals: 

  • Investing S$2 million to create 500 new jobs through the AIA Financial Career Scheme, which provides in-depth training and financial support to fresh grads and mid-career switchers.

  • Investing S$1.5 million in the work-from-home assistance scheme, wherein all of 1,488 AIA Singapore employees received $1,000 to get enhance their remote work set-up. 

  • Investing in new stress and wellness management training for more than 350 of people managers in AIA Singapore. These help them identify common mental health issues and learn how to appropriately support their staff in good times and bad.

  • Giving all AIA Singapore employees an additional day-off this year to encourage them to focus on their personal wellbeing.

Additional fundraising for those less fortunate

COVID-19 has deeply affected every member of society, even more so the underprivileged. AIA Singapore constantly strives to pursue a culture of purpose by rallying their employees, insurance representatives, partners and customers together to give back to the less fortunate in the community. In 2020, the insurer raised over S$550,000 for their two adopted charities through the #ShareTheLove campaign and other activities, with the intention of making a lasting difference to the lives of future generations.

Part of a regional AIA #ShareTheLove movement taking place across Asia, the campaign, besides offering complimentary AIA #ShareTheLove insurance plans, includes fundraisers for beneficiaries Children's Wishing Well and the VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer. AIA Singapore continues to support disadvantaged children and youths, raising funds to progress education, groceries, wellness and enrichment programmes. This year, they also expanded on their giving commitment, partnering with the VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer to support fundraising efforts for paediatric cancer research.

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