AXA Hong Kong and Macau stands with Employee Benefits customers by providing free new physical and mental protection

| 04 Feb 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, AXA Hong Kong and Macau announced the launch of a series of free new physical and mental health protection and services for all Employee Benefits customers, supporting corporates and their employees in this critical time.

They include:

-              First in Hong Kong to make "Benefits for Hospital Income (COVID-19)" a standard policy provision, upgrading the benefits of policyholders with long-term protection for free

-              Mind Health Digital Tools hosted on the "Emma by AXA" app to take care of customers' mental health

-              "Dr@Live" which allows customers to have a video consultation with a doctor at home through the "Emma by AXA" app, reducing the chance of infection due to overcrowding

These additional protection and services are completely free of charge, and all eligible AXA Employee Benefits customers will automatically enjoy them.

Details of the free new physical and mental health protection:

First-in-market -- "Benefits for Hospital Income (COVID-19)" as standard policy provision

AXA is the first insurer in Hong Kong to incorporate "Benefits for Hospital Income (COVID-19)" into the standard provision of Employee Benefits policy, providing customers with long-term protection. If insured employees or dependents of Employee Benefits hospitalisation policy are admitted to hospital in Hong Kong and Macau due to COVID-19 infection, they will be protected with an additional daily hospital cash benefit of HKD/MOP700 for a maximum of 45 days without waiting period. Eligibility to enjoy this additional benefit is not guaranteed and is subject to AXA's approval. For details, refer back to AXA.

Mind Health Digital Tools on "Emma by AXA"

AXA takes care of customers' mental wellbeing by providing a series of complimentary Mind Health Digital Tools via the "Emma by AXA" app for the insured employees of Employee Benefits policy, including:

-              Mental Health Guru -- An interactive multimedia platform on mental health education

-              Moodgym -- A scientifically-proven tool to help users enhance resilience and prevent depression and anxiety

-              Smiling Mind -- A mindfulness meditation tool to help bring balance to users' everyday life

-              Mind Charger -- A mindfulness meditation tool with selective modules guided by celebrity yoga instructor Margaret Chung. Users can leverage Mind Charger to relax and unwind, strengthen their ability in problem solving, boost positivity, build resilience and enhance their daily life by making mindfulness a regular practice

Brand New "Dr@Live" video consultation service

"Dr@Live" is jointly provided by AXA, UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited, Pedder Healthcare Management Limited and Chiron Healthcare Group Limited. Insured employees or dependents can log in to the "Emma by AXA" app to have a video consultation with a doctor with just a few simple steps, minimising the chance of infection due to overcrowding.

Three key features of "Dr@Live":

  • Diversified network doctor services -- Apart from general practitioner (GP) service, Dr@Live provides as many as 8 specialist services, including Paediatrics, Infectious Diseases, Cardiology, Urology, Geriatrics, Rheumatology, General Surgery and Internal Medicine, to meet customers' different medical needs
  • Comprehensive care for different age groups -- Infants as young as 14 days old can enjoy the services of "Dr@Live"
  • Free follow-up consultation-- If further face-to-face consultation is deemed necessary by the doctor, we will provide a free follow-up consultation within 24 hours after the Dr@Live video consultation 

"Dr@Live" together with AXA's exclusive "e-Prescription" service allows customers to choose to have the prescription medicine and referral letter delivered directly to their homes or picked up at designated clinics. They can also order extra quantity of prescription medicine through the "e-Prescription" service via the "Emma by AXA" app, and easily collect the medicine at designated chain pharmacies. This service is especially suitable for patients with chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes and high blood pressure) with on-going medication needs, reducing the risk of medication discontinuation or infection under the pandemic.

Sally Wan, CEO of AXA Hong Kong and Macau, said, "AXA understands that the pandemic has caused challenges to corporates and its employees financially, physically and mentally.  We thereby offer an array of complimentary new protection and services including the first in Hong Kong 'Benefits for Hospital Income (COVID-19)' incorporated into the standard policy provision, rather than just having it as a short-term offer.  Furthermore, we understand that people would want to avoid crowds and queues at this time, that is why we launch 'Dr@Live' to bring e-consultation services in both GP and specialist to our customers via mobile devices. It is especially important to keep a calm and optimistic attitude to fight the pandemic and we hope that our suite of Mind Health Digital Tools can help our customers cope with the COVID-related uncertainties and challenges."


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