Flying Start with GoalsMapper - Attract, Engage, Retain

| 27 Jan 2021

GoalsMapper kicked off the Flying Start webinar with over 500 participants. Four speakers - industry experts and high achievers - shared tools and insights on how to attract, engage and retain High Net Worth clients. As media partner of the event, here's a lesson recap.

The secret door to your dream clients – Benjamin Ang

Opening speaker of the event was Benjamin Ang, the Founding Editor of Asia Advisers Network. And the “secret door” he uses to reach key stakeholders is LinkedIn.

Ben guided and shared insights on utilising LinkedIn to seek out YOUR dream clients and bypass gatekeepers. Be it Teachers, Doctors or CEOs, LinkedIn is a tool that will complement your business and boost your personal branding.

To use LinkedIn effectively, he shared, start by using the W.I.T framework to build up your presence and profile on LinkedIn for maximum impact.

Who you are on LinkedIn – make use of the “prime real estate” by maximising the use of pictures and filling up all available fields in your profile.

Interactions – build familiarity and connections through engagement and posts.

Thought leadership – give insights, share expertise and offer thought leadership articles and posts.

For those who worry about not being able to write or create content, he shared the 3H framework for content creation as a guide:

Hook – find a headline to grab attention.

Heart – emotions sell. Find an angle to connect on an emotional level

Head – end with logic and facts, and do not miss the opportunity of a Call to Action (CTA).

If you’re unclear and would like to watch a video session on this, head to his #InsuranceInspired One-on-one coaching where he worked out one viewer’s personal LinkedIn profile.


Building Brand Stickiness – Joyce Chan

Joyce Chan, who is the Rookie Insurance Agent of the Year 2020 and a Court of the Table qualifier, shared how to create value with content, and how to convert it to brand loyalty and stickiness.

Building on Ben’s topic, Joyce agreed that LinkedIn “has a very good reach”, and it’s “really the start of brand building”. By writing articles, sharing content and putting information out on LinkedIn, Joyce saves time to maximise her appointment with her clients.

A strong advocate of using GoalsMapper, Joyce shared it is key to her higher closing rate and bigger premium policies as clients trust her as a result of the more comprehensive financial planning using GoalsMapper.

On building stickiness, Joyce said that to get your customer to repeatedly choose you, it would have to be because of your differentiating factor, or setting up your customer to return to you based on the convenience you create for them. And ultimately, you become the first person that they think of regarding insurance.

Creating frequent touchpoints where clients can see and hear her is one of the ways Joyce builds brand stickiness. Putting up content on social media platforms will add value to your branding and prospects get to find out more about your work and familiarise themselves with you prior to an appointment.

“It’s a huge time-saving strategy,” said Joyce, as it means that the assessment of her is pre-done and clients come into the appointment already knowing her background, values and work ethics.


Acing your first client meeting – Alarice Teow

A mother of two young children, Alarice Teow shared that she achieved Court of the Table by finetuning her sales processes, leading to higher conversion.

Besides a good sale process, acing the first client meeting is critical, as it is the first time you create a good impression of yourself and give your client a good experience so that they have a good, lasting image of you as a consultant.

Alarice breaks it down into three parts to follow: Staging, Planning process, and Referrals.

Staging: Setting the stage right by letting your clients feel comfortable by knowing you before working with you. Introduce yourself and tell them about your experience and specialisation to establish trust and level of competence.

If your client is still sceptical, empathise and acknowledge the doubt. Sharing a story to help them relate to you, letting them know who you work with and reasons why people like working with you are some of the ways that can help bridge that connection.      

Planning process: Helping your clients focus on solutions to achieve their goals, as well as sounding out unforeseeable situations that will affect them throughout different stages in their life. Plotting out in charts will provide visualisation while you help verbalise the potential issues. Once you match a solution to their issues, you have to be clear on expectations and make sure your clients are in control of their own goals.

Referrals: Getting referrals right is more than just asking for it. Your clients have to like you and feel that you’re very professional in order for them to recommend you to anyone. Alarice gave an example: “If a client likes you, but he doesn’t think that you’re professional, he may just buy the product that he needs but will not refer you to anyone because you were not professional enough.”


Understanding the HNW market – Diana Zhu

A financial adviser to many HNW and ultra HNW individuals, Top of the Table achiever Diana Zhu shared valuable insights regarding the HNW market and how to make a connection with them.

Some preparatory questions that she often asks herself before meeting a client- “How big is the value of whatever you are suggesting? What is the value proposition of what you are pitching? How would it impact their lifestyle, their family, or how would it give them a positive effect, for example, of creating an endless stream of income for their loved ones, especially their children?”

Capturing their attention and interest within 5-10 minutes and keeping things simple will win their minds over. HNW individuals are cautious and will smell your agenda out if you use bombastic words to complicate an already sophisticated product. 

Focus on the value of the proposal rather than the premiums or type of plan and always remember that people tend to think “What’s in it for me?”

As HNW individuals are usually private banking clients, being able to provide a better or equivalent level of service could be hard as you would be trying to outdo a bank. So, Diana recommends being better in terms of professionalism and knowledge. To be able to provide your HNW client innovative solutions and interactive client reporting methods.


Empowering financial advisers - Dato’ Wayne Chen

Introducing new features of GoalsMapper is CEO Dato’ Wayne Chen. Besides a revamped logo, features enhancements were also made to the platform, including the introduction of GM Brand to help its users create professional website with financial widgets within minutes.

Financial advisers seek online solutions amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Built with financial advisers in mind, GoalsMapper continues to develop and improve the platform to meet the needs of the advisers and their clients. CEO Wayne had said in anr interview, “GoalsMapper is a tool to empower financial advisers to leverage technology and help their clients have more clarity on their financial status.”

GoalsMapper was winner of InsurTech of the Year 2019 . It has expanded its footprint across Southeast Asia, and has localised platforms for Malaysia and Thailand.


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