Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year 2021 - Nguyen Thi Van

| 16 Jul 2021

For taking the initiative to improve public perception of life insurance; for building a strong team and recording outstanding performance in such a short period; and for instilling customer-centric values in her team.

Van has demonstrated herself to be a high achiever and an excellent leader. She joined Manulife Vietnam in February 2018. She was inspired to explore a career change after witnessing a colleague facing financial challenges with their son’s hospital bills.

While Van understood the value of insurance, she wished others also could see how it could help them during difficult times. That experience cemented her mission to help lessen the financial burden and heartache brought about by a lack of insurance or awareness of its benefits.

Van’s personal mission is to help change the public’s perception of life insurance in Vietnam, driving an inherent shift in attitudes that will address the protection gap and benefit the wider community. Her focus on greater societal issues such as the protection gap is also how she stands out in the Manulife community.

As a self-driven person, Van has demonstrated herself to be a high achiever and strong leader. She grew her team from 19 in 2019 to 120 advisers in 2020. She and her team contributed over VND19bn ($828,420) in first year premiums in 2020, with a growth rate of 253% compared to 2019.

Van’s team currently includes 12 agents who qualified for MDRT, and 17 high performing financial consultants, representing almost a quarter of her team. Due to her outstanding performance, she has been promoted five times in just three years, from a financial adviser to unit manager (2018), to senior manager and district manager (2019) to senior district manager (2020) and now area manager.

Van is a customer-centric leader, instilling the values and benefits of service and experience. For Van, the human touch is equally important and giving customers a memorable experience is how she and the team leave a lasting impression. She also encourages the team to widen their social circles and find opportunities to protect people, improve their knowledge through continuous learning, be fast adopters of new technology and leverage social media to build their presence with younger demographics.

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