Hong Kong: Prudential enters medical partnership

| 29 Feb 2024

Prudential Hong Kong Limited has announced a new partnership with Shenzhen New Frontier United Family Hospital (UFH) to introduce a medical expenses direct billing service for its customers.

This collaboration positions Prudential as the first Hong Kong insurer to partner with UFH, aiming to offer more accessible and efficient healthcare services amid increased travel between Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. The initiative is part of Prudential's effort to expand its medical network in the Greater Bay Area, responding to the demand for quality cross-border medical services.

The agreement enables eligible Prudential customers to receive medical services at UFH with direct billing arrangements, simplifying the claims process. This service is designed to alleviate the financial and administrative burden on patients, allowing them to focus on their recovery. 

The partnership leverages UFH's status as the first Hong Kong-funded private hospital in Shenzhen, offering a wide range of medical services including professional advisory, surgeries, and hospitalisation.

“Prudential is driven by a customer-first strategy to make quality healthcare protection accessible to all. We're very pleased to partner with Shenzhen New Frontier United Family Hospital, an exceptional medical institution, to harness our combined strengths so customers can access more convenient and efficient medical services to obtain the most suitable protection for their needs,” said Lawrence Lam, CEO of Prudential Hong Kong. “We are committed to expanding our medical network in the Greater Bay Area and further enhancing the health journeys ‘For Every Life, For Every Future’.” 

“Both Shenzhen New Frontier United Family Hospital and Prudential Insurance share the same service philosophy, and both organisations are eager to pursue more innovative collaborations in the field of medical insurance in the Greater Bay Area,” said Antony Leung, group chairman and co-founder of New Frontier Group.

“Our goal is to provide efficient, prompt, and internationally aligned medical services to benefit our customers. Medical Expenses Direct Billing Service ensures a worry-free claims process for customers who have purchased insurance in Hong Kong. It not only allows them to consult Hong Kong doctors in Shenzhen but also facilitates medical expenses settlement, eliminating the hassle of traveling between the two regions for medical treatment,” he said, reported Insurance Business.