MDRT Foundation partners The Hunger Project to fight global hunger

| 23 Jul 2019

(Credit: MDRT)

For its 60th anniversary, the MDRT Foundation is partnering with The Hunger Project on people-focused strategies that provide hope and combat hunger around the world.

The MDRT Foundation is the charitable arm of 72,000 MDRT members in 70 countries, and The Hunger Project is an international non-profit organisation committed to ending world hunger by investing in communities throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America to empower sustainable progress at a grassroots level.

Every year, 821 million people – or one in nine – suffer from chronic malnourishment. Though hunger is a complex, global issue, there is a solution: empower individuals in impoverished communities to play leading roles in the fight against hunger.

Ted Rusinoff, MDRT Foundation President (Credit: MDRT)

“The Hunger Project and MDRT Foundation recognise that the problem of poverty and hunger is not an issue that can be solved with just food, clothing or shelter,” said Ted Rusinoff, MDRT Foundation President. “Instead, we know that people are the solution, and we believe in The Hunger Project’s inspiring principles of transformative leadership, gender equality, sustainability and empowered social transformation to combat these global challenges.”

Cathy Burke, former Australian CEO and Global Vice President of The Hunger Project (Credit: The Hunger Project)

“Instead of thinking there are a billion mouths to feed, we instead see a billion hard-working, creative, entrepreneurial humans who have the most invested in ending hunger,” said Cathy Burke, former Australian CEO and Global Vice President of The Hunger Project. “By supporting and developing the leadership of those who live in conditions of hunger and poverty, we reach 16 million of the world’s poorest people every year.”

Inspired by The Hunger Project’s mission to eradicate global hunger by 2030 through the widespread adoption of holistic, sustainable approaches in communities around the world, the Foundation chose The Hunger Project for its charitable partner at both its Annual Meeting in June and its Global Conference in September.

During the Annual Meeting, MDRT members raised over $220,000 in funds towards the Foundation’s global grants program and The Hunger Project’s mission.

More than 9,800 members from 56 countries also had the opportunity to help fight hunger in a tangible way at the Annual Meeting by participating in the MDRT Foundation Service Project: Seed Programs International.

On June 11th, members filled 20,000 seed packages, which translates into 70 tons of future produce, to send to families living in impoverished communities in Latin America. The goal was to help initiate a cycle of self-sufficiency that provides families resources to feed and support themselves.

Since its inception in 1959, the MDRT Foundation’s goal has been to make a tangible, global impact on those in need, and it has donated more than $34 million to charitable organisations serving people in 70 countries and all 50 U.S. states.

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