My satisfaction comes from the success of each member in my team - Jason Chu, Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year

| 06 Jan 2020

Jason Chu from Sun Life Hong Kong is the reigning Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year.

He emerged as the winner at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards as he impressed the judges for leading a Gen Y team to become one of the youngest agency leaders amongst the top 3% in his company, with over 90% of his team consisting of Gen Y with an average age of 26, and almost 80% are university graduates.

Asia Advisers Network caught up with Jason to take a peek into his typical day, juggling both leading his organisation as well as continuing to set an example with his advisory practice.

“Hello everyone, I am Jason. I joined this profession in September 2011. And in May 2013, I joined Sun Life Financial. Currently, I am an Agency Director and I have more than 100 agents in my team. Very happy that this year (2019), I represented Sun Life Hong Kong to participate in the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards and won the Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year Award.

Every morning I arrive at my office and start work at around 830am. Every day is busy with at least four to five meetings. When I reach office at 830am, my secretary prepares and goes through the day’s schedule with me. Without her, it would be a tall order to manage my schedule.

Every month, with my over 100 agents agency, we come together, with the different teams to have a combined meeting. In this monthly meeting we focus on two things. First, we start with a review of last month’s performance to understand the progress of our agency and to understand the progress of each advisor in the team. Second, we have awards presentation to recognise the good performance of advisers in the preceding month. By coming together for monthly meetings, it fosters a sense of belonging and motivation to work hard together as a team.

The BrighterGen Academy is an excellent programme run by my company, we’d like to actively engage enthusiastic young people and undergraduates. If I meet any potential partners, I will invite them to join our financial planning industry and at the same time join the BrightenGen Academy.

Other than potential partners considering whether to join our company and work with me as their leader, BrighterGen Academy is a very stringent programme with strict selection, to determine if this candidate is suitable for the career. So, before these interviews, we have to prepare them to be able to present themselves and give an introduction before we attend the BrighterGen Academy panel interview.

Every day, my schedule may be packed. But when my colleagues have any difficulties and ask for my favour, I am always happy to help. I believe that for a team to succeed, it can’t be done solely on my own efforts, it works only if every team member in my team is happy and successful, that’s when I can really feel a sense of satisfaction.

Besides team management in a busy morning, I will meet my own clients in the afternoon and evening. I started off as a financial adviser, too. The reason why I enjoy meeting my clients is I like to tailor a financial plan that suits my clients’ needs and requirements. Whenever I successfully help them to fulfil their requirements and when they see how a financial plan will help them, they will have a satisfying smile and this is one of my career’s motivation.

Though we are busy everyday, we also prioritise team engagement and time out. So, we try to get together to chat, unwind over a game of pool or darts, or have a drink. These help to strengthen team spirit and bonding, as well as enable us to take a breather to continue fighting and striving for another day.”

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For Jason's winner's video, click Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year- Jason Chu


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