#MunchwithJenandBen- episode 2- Cooking up a Storm!

| 27 Mar 2020

Video production by Jensen Siaw International

We received many positive and encouraging feedback from our friends and readers about our first Live talkshow "Munch with Jen and Ben" that was held on the 17th March with Jensen Siaw International. Hosted by Asia Advisers Network Editor Benjamin Ang and International Motivational Speaker Jensen Siaw, here is episode 2 "Cooking up a Storm" with Joshua Luke, an award winning entrepreneur and celebrity master branding consultant, and Leslie Koh a financial practitioner who has a strong culinary passion and has had many of his cooking recipes gone viral online.

With a newfound popularity in food, insurance practitioner Leslie Koh now goes by the tagline, “I don’t only take care of your money, but also your tummy”. Recently gone viral is his recipe on how to cook the Japanese egg- Hanjuku Egg. For that, he brought in his own rice cooker on the show to demonstrate how quick and easy it is to make it.

In case you do not have time to watch through the entire 30 minutes session, here are the highlights along with time stamps:

7m 20s mark- Hanjuku Egg

Sharing a cooking hack, Leslie described the difference between an Onsen egg vs a Hanjuku egg. He said, “Onsen egg is more watery. Hanjuku egg is like semi-cooked, soft boiled eggs that are usually used in ramens. It’s normally known as ramen eggs.” Understanding that people are staying home with the Covid 19 situation, Leslie wanted to do something that anyone can recreate at home with their family members.

8m 45s mark

Steps to cook Hanjuku egg:

- Procure a rice cooker and eggs

- 2 pc of kitchen towel, soaked in water and placed in the rice cooker

How much water you may ask? – “Wet enough that it stretches, but not a pool of water.”- Leslie Koh

- Place the eggs at the edge of the rice cooker and space them out equally

- Cover the rick cooker with the lid and cook for 7mins (Disclaimer: different rice cookers may take different time to cook)

- Prepare a bowl of ice and water and place the eggs in to stop the cooking process once the 7mins is up

- Soak the eggs in ice for 5mins

- Peel the eggs and ready to eat!


 16m 40s mark

Question: What is your hidden talent?

Leslie Koh: “I’d like to think that I’m punny” True to his talent, Leslie came up with a pun directed at host Jensen.

Ben: “My secret talent is errr.. even though I can’t cook, my secret talent is that I found a very wonderful wife who can cook and do a lot of things that I can’t.” *romantic music playing in background

Joshua Luke: Saying that people often mistaken his secret talent for cooking as he dabbles and experiments with Peranakan food, Joshua said that his real hidden talent would be dancing. “In my younger days, I was a dance choreographer with ministry of education schools. I do more funk and modern dance. A bit more like kpop, la!”


22m 22s mark

Question: How to improve personal branding and reach?

Leslie Koh: “Putting your audience first, putting their interest first and to always give value without the intentions of getting anything back.” Leslie adds, “There’s a difference between marketing and branding. Marketing is what you tell them is it. Branding is what they say is it” He explains that many people are doing so much marketing thinking that it’s branding when it’s not.

30m 20s mark

Joshua Luke: Sharing the 5 Es of Personal branding, Joshua says that “Extract- You must be very focused on what you want your audience to perceive you. Express – Image wise, you have to remember that no branding is also branding. Exposure- Be careful of what you post online or on social media platforms.  Engagement- If you’re seen somewhere somehow 7 times, you will be viewed as someone who is popular. Excite- You can turn something as simple as cooking eggs into something exciting.

32m 45s mark

Question from the comments section: Could you give examples of some of the worst thing you can do for your personal branding:

Jensen Siaw: “One of the worst things you can do is definitely to propagate bad news, to post a lot of gross pictures and to say anything that is nasty online or in person. Because everyone is attracted to positive people and positive news.”

Leslie Koh: “Don’t be cringe, lo” 

Ben: “The worst thing one can do is to only think of yourself.” He added, “Try to think of your target audience and the value that you bring to them. Don’t just brag about yourself or what you have achieved.”

Joshua Luke: “Any post that’s counteracting to your own branding.” He gave an example of an athlete posting more on eating and in business attires instead of posting on his exercises and sports activities.

37mins mark – *Dance intermission*

By popular demand from the live viewers, the hosts and guests have conceded to the many requests of them dancing. Watch as all four stand and attempt kpop dance moves by Joshua.

39m 40s mark

Question: How to be productive while working remotely?

Ben: “For people who are not used to working from home, one of the first things you may realise is that you’re seated the whole day. You’re seated the whole day, looking at the screen, some of you may even get food delivery, you don’t even need to leave your house! So at the end of the day, you can be very mentally tired, and physically tired, because you don’t rest your eyes.” Adding on, Ben said, “So one of the tips I have is actually – Make sure you start on time, have a fixed time to your day. And when it’s lunch time, make sure you go out of your home and buy your lunch (but please practice social distancing still) so you get to relax your eyes, relax your mind and get a bit of sun.”

Leslie Koh “I set time on what I need to do. For these 2 hours, I’m going to do this specific task. Then I either reward myself by watching YouTube, or spending 30mins just unwinding.” He says he works in timeslots so that he doesn’t get carried away working without taking a break.”

Joshua Luke: Joshua admits that it’s very difficult for him to work from home given his outgoing personality and hobbies. He said that he has discovered that all he needs to do is to visualise one spot in his home where serious work needs to be done. He also adds that “When I don’t dress up, I feel even sleepier! It’s the mood I feel for my whole being that I’m ready to work.”


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