Manulife Hong Kong unveils new MOVE Health Score to help customers become healthier

| 09 Jun 2020

Manulife Hong Kong has enhanced the existing ManulifeMOVE (MOVE) experience by launching the 'MOVE Health Score' that encourages customers to make healthy lifestyle choices. This new functionality provides customers a scientific yet simple scoring method to measure how healthy they are and tells them what they need to do to stay healthy.

Customers will be given their initial MOVE Health Score after answering six questions, powered by dacadoo, a Swiss-based global health technology firm.

With this new easy-to-understand metric, ManulifeMOVE helps customers take control of their health. The MOVE Health Score changes every day in real-time, influenced by the customers’ active steps, body profile updates, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

When tracked consistently, the score offers a reliable indicator of how a customer’s health is evolving. This personalised journey is based on over 2,500 clinical papers and extensive scientific data.

Isabella Lau, Chief Customer Officer of Manulife Hong Kong, said: “ManulifeMOVE rewards customers for being more active by offering premium discounts on eligible critical illness or medical insurance plans. The MOVE Health Score will further incentivise healthy behaviours and motivate our customers to achieve their wellness goals through every step they take and every move they make.”

First launched in Hong Kong in 2015, ManulifeMOVE rewards customers with premium discounts for being active by syncing their activity data with the MOVE app and achieving set goals. A MOVE member needs to average 5,000 steps-per-day to receive a 5 per cent premium discount on an eligible policy for the next year. Averaging 7,000-steps-per-day earns a 7 per cent saving, and a 10 per cent premium discount will be rewarded to MOVE members who average a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.

The ‘MOVE Health Score’ is now available on the ManulifeMOVE programme and accessible to customers in Hong Kong via the App Store or Google Play.


Manulife gives “Thank You Day” off to employees

On a separate note, Manulife and John Hancock will be giving its more than 35,000 employees worldwide a "Thank You Day" off on Friday, June 19 this year in appreciation of all the hard work they've done serving customers and helping people make decisions easier and lives better.

In addition, the Company will be providing five additional personal days next year to each employee to support wellbeing by encouraging regular time off, and provide the opportunity for employees to take vacations that are meaningful to them which they may not have been able to do in the current environment.

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Manulife CEO Roy Gori said: “While many communities begin the process of reopening, it's safe to assume that things won't be returning to what we thought was 'normal' for some time. So, we will all need to continue to take care of ourselves and practice healthy habits, which include unplugging and taking time to unwind. We'll be getting that done together, as a global team, on Friday, June 19th this year."

Along with this additional time off, Manulife and John Hancock have taken a range of actions to support the well-being of employees and their families in response to the challenges they face due to the pandemic.  The company is offering flexible work arrangements, supplemental paid time-off and additional virtual mental health resources.

Manulife has also contributed $25 million in response to COVID-19, focused on several critical fronts, including relief for its customers, support for employees and aid for communities.

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