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| 30 Apr 2021

The world of technology has undoubtedly revolutionised the financial services industry. Digital tools play a significant role in digitalising tedious processes in onboarding, planning, and client management. Traditionally, financial consultants would rely on manual processes to curate customers' financial plans. With the introduction of digital financial planning tools, such as GoalsMapper, the once-conservative industry has begun to embrace digitalisation. Automating these processes have also enabled financial consultants to better cater to client relationships.

As with any industry, satisfied customers are vital to the success of any firm, and ensuring that these client relationships are well-managed is essential for business continuity. With the latest integration of digital CRM tool, GM Connect, into the GoalsMapper platform, financial consultants will be able to boost productivity levels through portfolio-based segmentation and targeted marketing. GM Connect also provides an omnichannel tool for financial consultants to manage customer relationships and seamless communication.

Why digital CRM?

COVID-19 contributed to a significant adoption of digital solutions that were already underway before the pandemic. This major improvement from the traditional pen-and-paper enabled financial consultants to deal with better database connectivity, data collection, and analysis, marketing, and lead generation.

However, the accelerated adoption also meant that while some areas, such as point-of-sale, were addressed thoroughly, other external aspects like customer relationship management were overlooked.

GoalsMapper users, and even other financial software users, would have experienced enhanced efficiency and customer experience with digital fact-finding, visual chart representation and clarity in goal-based planning. However, there was still a gap in the market as there was no proper platform dedicated to helping financial consultants build trust and manage these relationships on a personal level at scale.

As more and more financial management processes move online, a new question arises: how can financial consultants recreate the same rapport with their customers virtually?

GM Connect allows financial consultants to have a 360-view of their clients' necessary information and requirements to anticipate needs, schedule and send tailored messages and expert advice. This ability to personalise engagement will lead to more regular and meaningful experiences for customers.

Integrating CRM with financial planning for a seamless experience

Turning to multiple digital mediums to carry out activities, like marketing, planning and client communication, ultimately lead to inefficiencies and departmental silos at institutions. At the same time, clients themselves have individual preferences of communication, via either text, email or phone calls. This need for customisation is multiplied over a financial consultant’s client portfolio, which could be as many as hundreds of clients.  With the introduction of GM Connect, financial consultants can tailor communication and manage

Effortless contact management can yield higher productivity levels for financial consultants, freeing up resources to enhance financial planning. The integration of GM Connect into GoalsMapper aids in client management through segmentation based on factors including financial needs, profiles and policies. For instance, instead of having different folders for clients, everything can be found and categorised on a single dashboard.

This omnichannel-approach communication better engages clients through automated reminders and broadcast messages (via WhatsApp, email or phone) suited to the clients’ wants and needs. Financial consultants can use pre-crafted templates or curate personalised messages to specific contacts based on segmentation. With an integration to external tools like Google Calendar and Dropbox, tasks such as appointment scheduling and data transfer are also much easier.

Moreover, in order to provide financial consultants with the ease of managing their tasks and schedules, GM Connect comes with an interactive dashboard that has widgets on tasks, activities and events. These dynamic features will support the scheduling of events or appointments as well as automated notifications whenever needed.

With a centralised admin dashboard equipped with statistics gathered to observe patterns and interpret data, financial consultants are also able to have an overview of all their cases - closed, pending and opened - to ensure that all opportunities and discussions are followed up on to secure the financial futures of clients and prospects they meet.

Paving the way for productivity and scalable businesses

With the financial advisory industry still transitioning into the digital sphere, this is the perfect window of opportunity for financial advisers and firms to differentiate themselves as professionals at the forefront of the profession.

Digitalisation should not be feared by financial consultants. Instead, it should be approached with excitement and optimism. The possibilities of leveraging on the tools available to help pave the way for enhanced productivity and scalable practice with ease.

At GoalsMapper, we are dedicated to helping our users ride the digital wave for success. The GM Planner sets the foundation for holistic goal-based planning, and the integration of GM Connect helps financial consultants improve their overall performance in client-dealings as well as with their own workload, resulting in higher retention rate and more effective client engagement - helping them scale their business to the next level.

To find out more about using GoalsMapper or to schedule a free demo, visit their website here.

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