Make the shift: Former police officer to agent of life

| 18 Aug 2021

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Financial planning is not just about the dollars and cents. At Great Eastern, we have a team of professional, knowledgeable advisers who serve our clients with a heart.

In this series, we hear from our agents of life who have joined us from different industries, who share insights on how their skills have helped them learn new tricks, how they are contributing to their clients’ lives in a valuable way.

Here is the story of Mark Lim who has made the shift from being a police officer.

  1.  What motivated you to make the shift?

“Since I was young, I have dreamt of being an entrepreneur. I also wanted to enter a business where I could exercise control over my own career progression. Joining the insurance industry enabled me to achieve my career objectives.”

  1.  How has your past vocation helped you in your current career with Great Eastern?

“I was a police officer for five years. This helped build up my interpersonal skills which are absolutely necessary in building good relationships with my clients.” 

  1. Why be an agent of life at Great Eastern?

“Great Eastern is the only insurer in Singapore that is backed by a bank. In addition, Great Eastern is a company with a long history and is a trusted brand name. These factors attracted me to join Great Eastern and make me feel more confident when I help my clients with their financial planning.” 

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