Judge highlight: Paul McNamara, Editor, Asia Insurance Review - Agents are the single most important link in the chain

| 18 Mar 2020

In 2019's Awards, there were over 400 entries from 15markets, all vying for the top spot in their category.

This year, the 5th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards (“Awards”) is even bigger than before whilst maintaining its focus on values such as persistency, moral and ethical code, integrity, giving back to the community and professionalism.

As Editor at the Asia Insurance Review, Paul is an avid reader and writer of insurance trends worldwide, here’s what he has to say about the Awards and the industry.


Q      What qualities would you be looking out for in selecting winners? 

It’s no longer enough simply to be great at your job – you have to be able to show a commitment to helping other people and society in general. So I will be looking for candidates that have demonstrated that they are prepared to go ‘above and beyond’ in order to help individuals and families become more resilient through insurance.


Q     Why should the industry participate actively in the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards? 

Agents are the single most important link in the chain that ensures that societies – and firms – and families – and individuals get the kind of protection that they need. Because agents are so important, we need to be able to champion those who are great role models. Role models are crucial in inspiring others – and particularly in inspiring the next generation of agents.


Q    How do you see distribution in the insurance industry evolving in the years to come?   

I think that agents will remain the single most important means of reaching real people with great products. As the years progress, they will become even better at leveraging cutting-edge technology to make the sales process simpler, cheaper and more efficient.


Q   What must advisers do to continue to stay relevant?

Number one priority is to continue to think like the customer. If advisers can put themselves in the shoes of other people, then they can envisage what their challenges are – and so help advise them accordingly. So I think it’s all about empathy and understanding coupled with a sound knowledge of the products.


Moving onto our 5th year as a regional and neutral platform, this year’s search for the best professionals in the insurance industry to honour and recognise them is on.

 Nominations end 31st March. Submit yours today.

For more details on how to submit your nominations, please reach out to

Mr Mohamad Hyqel

Awards Administrator, Asia Insurance Review



The Awards is organised by Asia Insurance Review and Asia Advisers Network with LIMRA as co-organiser, AIA as strategic partner, and strong industry support from leading insurance associations and organisations.

Check out the Awards website here: https://www.asiaadvisersnetwork.com/awards2020



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