Celebrating the best leaders at the 16th Singapore Management Awards

| 17 Sep 2021

The 16th Singapore Management Award (SMA) organised by Financial Services Management Association (FSMA) recently celebrated 268 leaders who were awarded with Management Excellence Awards (MEA), and three Master Recipients for achieving at least 10 MEA. The awardees come from leading insurance companies in Singapore.

The MEA consists of five tiers – Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each tier recognised agency leaders who demonstrated outstanding capabilities to motivate, coach and groom highly productive and effective financial planners. The Master Recipient is a one-time recognition for agency leaders who have achieved a minimum of 10 MEA.

The three Master Recipients are Alvis Thor, Remus Lim and Patrick Loh. Congratulations, and keep up the consistency and hard work in achieving MEA.

Source: FSMA

The total number of awardees in each tier are:

Diamond – 32 awardees

Platinum – 49 awardees

Gold – 42 awardees

Silver – 85 awardees

Bronze – 60 awardees

With 15 individuals emerging at the top of their respective companies.

Source: FSMA


Message from SMA chairman and honorary secretary, and FSMA president

Source: FSMA

An extract from SMA chairman and honorary secretary, Leslie Ng’s message, “2020 was an unprecedented and challenging year to all. We experienced challenges in recruitment, planning, training & performance management. With unwavering perseverance and creativity, many leaders emerged as stronger leaders.”

“Some of us did even better than pre-pandemic with remarkable achievements! My heartfelt respect and joyful congratulations to all of you! SMA is your well-deserved recognition in the industry. This year, let’s continue to excel and emerge even stronger than before. Your strong leadership will bring significant impact to your team and the industry.”

Source: FSMA

An extract from FSMA president, Andy M. Law’s message, “This evening, we come together to celebrate the achievements of our SMA award winners. SMA has been held annually consecutively to honour and celebrate the best leaders in the industry. Achieving an SMA award brings forth the commendable effort and diligence our awardees has placed in their career through the years.”


“Mutual support is vital in any industry. We might perform well solo but with supplementary support from others, you will be surprised at how a helping hand gives you the ability to achieve even greater heights. I’m sure many of you resonate with this, being in the financial industry, that we experience the beauty of a strong rapport among colleagues. Hence, this highlights the value of the presence of FSMA as it is a home for all agency field leaders and managers, allowing us to strive for improvement that will be conveyed to our fellow colleagues.”

For their full message, more information on the awards and awardees, you may view or print the booklet here .

To view all 268 awardees in a poster, download it here.

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