AXA focuses on improved health outcomes with first dedicated employee mental health offering in Hong Kong

| 15 Jan 2020

As part of its commitment to transforming from a payer to a true health partner, AXA is enabling better access to mental health and well-being support in Asia. Its latest milestone is the launch of the "Mind Health" programme in Hong Kong, the first employee mental healthcare scheme in the market and one that draws on the company's health expertise to deliver improved outcomes for customers.

Mental health is an increasingly vital concern in Asia, affecting millions of people, and research underlines the workplace as being the front-line for many dealing with mental health issues. In Hong Kong, research shows 37% of respondents have at some point in their lifetime experienced mental ill health while in employment1. This is further exacerbated by societal expectations of supporting the family, meaning workers can neglect their own health needs despite recognising stress is a key factor in wider health issues.  
Drawing on its expertise in offering health solutions, AXA is addressing this need by becoming the first insurer to incorporate tailored mental health support into employee benefits plans in Hong Kong. Its “Mind Health” programme redefines traditional employee benefits with initiatives that address the three key areas of education, prevention and treatment.

“Listening to our customers and working with experts in the healthcare space has enabled us to identify key gaps in addressing mental health needs in Asia. Improving awareness and education can break down the ongoing stigma surrounding mental well-being, while easy-to-access resources and tools can provide the means for self-help, supporting prevention. Finally, support and treatment when needed help overcome the limited coverage that make accessing clinical care challenging. By ensuring we tackle all three areas, AXA can optimise health outcomes for people in the workplace and bridge the current gap in support as part of our wider effort on health in the region”, said Gordon Watson, CEO of AXA Asia. 

AXA has increasingly incorporated psychological support across a range of health solutions for clients in Asia, including Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, recognising that customers’ needs when dealing with illness go beyond their physical well-being.   This move to address both physical and mental needs embodies the company’s Payer-to-Partner strategy. Rooted in a deep understanding of the support customers need at every stage of their personal healthcare journeys – from diagnosis to intervention to wellness or maintenance – AXA provides solutions that span the continuum of care and solve real issues including cost, quality and access. 
The launch builds on AXA’s recent partnership with The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Oxford VR on a first-of-a-kind partnership to pilot a groundbreaking automated immersive therapy for mental health in Asia using virtual reality, as well as the launch of Emma by AXA, an app that acts as a customer’s health partner by centralising their relationship with AXA and providing access to resources and advice on physical and mental health issues. AXA is also chair of Shared Value Project Hong Kong, with the company formally pledging in 2019 to take further concrete action to break down barriers in the workplace by building on its inclusive workplace policies. 



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