Hold yourself to high standards, age is no barrier - Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year Jason Chu

| 22 Jan 2020

(Video edited by Azri Bahari)

What drives a young millennial to become one of the top agency leaders in his company and amongst the very best in Asia's insurance industry?

Jason Chu from Sun Life Hong Kong and winner of Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards, shared with us in this interview, how winning the award has positively impacted him, what he is doing to improve the image of the industry and his leadership and success principles which have served him and his agency since he embarked on this journey:

The positive impact from winning Rookie Insurance Agency Leader of the Year

Definitely it has an impact. Working hard over the years, I have received numerous recognitions and awards from the company.

But this was the very first time I participated in such an award, representing Sun Life Hong Kong to compete with representatives from other insurance companies in Asia.

And having won this award, the greatest feeling was receiving recognition from the whole insurance industry. I could also feel the joy of my team in HK on this achievement, as they texted to congratulate me.

After winning the award, I could also feel the sense of belonging of my team to this agency increase tremendously. I was delighted as this award was not only for me, but it represented the recognition from the insurance industry for everyone in my agency.


Improving the image of the insurance industry in society

In these past two years, we have partnered charitable organisations on activities to serve the society.

For example, we partnered FOODSPORT on sports events such as hiking and running. Our agency actively participated in the activities as the calories burnt from participants are converted into food units and donated to the underprivileged.

We've also engaged in another programme for disadvantaged youth.  A student participated in our agency’s activities to experience the daily work in the real world, and we shared with her the financial planning industry, career, and potential development opportunities.

After our sharing, the student had a clearer and better understanding of our industry. This helped to deliver to the youth the positive message and understanding of our industry.

Our agency actively participates in charitable activities because other than doing business, we wish to contribute to our society.


Leadership and success principles

The most important I feel is that from the moment I started this career, I had a clear goal. I told myself that I would be a leader, and I would do recruitment to have my own agency.

So from the first day, I always remind myself with this, to remember to hold myself to high standards to strive towards my goal. 

As the years went by and results started to show, it attracted my friends and juniors from my university to join me in this career.

That's when the agency started to form with common objectives. It is not about me anymore.

When a team shares the same philosophy, and insists on our principles as we journey on, then no matter how tough it is, we can continue to progress.

Now we have grown to an agency of about 100 advisers, and an agency with a well-established system.

This system is "easy copy". That's how we can ensure our future generations continue to benefit.  And this I feel is the most important task for a leader.


Inspiring and encouraging those in the BrigherGen Academy

Firstly, with the current changes taking place in the society, it has affected youths' room for advancement.  Although we can't control the societal changes, but we can be responsible for ourselves.

So, if the younger generation(s) has found this platform, they have to cherish and seize this opportunity.

Just like me, I am very devoted. So, I hope when youths join the industry, they are 100% committed and do their best.

Secondly, they have to work and communicate well with their managers as their managers would also like to see their progress and to achieve good results.

Lastly, they have to work hard and focus. Stay here, work hard and keep fighting on, and they will succeed.


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