#MunchwithJenandBen - episode 3 - Creating magic in your life

| 03 Apr 2020

Video produced by Jensen Siaw International

Joining hosts International Motivational Speaker Jensen Siaw and Asia Advisers Network Editor Benjamin Ang on "Munch with Jen and Ben" episode 3 were Jaslyn Ng, Asia's Top 5 Rookie Insurance Agent 2019, a high-flying HR Director-turned-COT producer, and Edmund Khong, one of only four World Master Clowns in the world (yes, not only is he best in Asia, he is also one of the World's best clowns).

One of the feedback we kept getting for our earlier episodes was that our talk show ended too soon. So here is a mega one-hour episode. Other than the usual chat, laughter and business takeaways, we had Edmund performing and teaching us magic.

Making sure everyone is safe on the show, precautions were taken including adding an additional table to the setup, as well as marking spaces on the chairs to maintain safe social distance. Compromising the video frame is nothing compared to compromising the lives and safety of our friends and family.

Here are the highlights and time stamps (although we recommend you watch it from start to end ^^):

3m 40s mark

Grabbing our attention at the start, World Master Clown Edmund performed bubble art with a variation of smoke and bubble. Concocting his own special bubble solution, he makes blowing bubbles look easy. Edmund made the bubbles within a bubble, a snowman, merry-go-round, and bubble wine with smoke.


9m 30s mark

Q) If a genie grants you a wish, what would you wish for?

Edmund: “My dream is to travel to every country in the world to perform for people, the families, and the children. Which I’m already fortunate enough to do a little bit of. So, I performed in the US, Japan, China, etc. All thanks to my friends, my fans, and my business friends who get me over. So I want to do more of that- to share joy and my performance with others.”

Ben: “I think now, in this climate, I really hope CoVid would disappear soon. So my wish would be for it to go away so that we can go back to normal, but at the same time, using this period I hope everyone try to take it positively, and use the time wisely to upgrade themselves, to learn more and watch #MunchwithJenandBen. Because other than being entertained, we hope to get a lot of key takeaways for business and for life.”

12m 20s mark

Jaslyn: “I think certainly, with the current climate, hopefully we can go back to normal as soon as possible, so that not so many jobs are affected. We’ve seen how the economy, the healthcare people, everybody is affected one way or another. Of course, the silver lining is that we hope to have more productive time, we make the best out of this situation, making lemonade out of lemons.”

Jaslyn being a pragmatic realistic, said: “Actually, I believe we are our own genie, and we take control of our lives.”


17m 10s mark

Many viewers wishing Ben’s wife, Michelle Happy Birthday, which then prompted Ben to send a special message to his wife. Catch his “love message” for the love of his life!


20m mark

Q. What’s the most magical moment in your life?

Jensen: “Now, I always feel that life is about making new decisions and getting breakthroughs – becoming a better version of ourselves.  When I first started my business, many friends told me that entrepreneurship will bring you on an amazing journey of your life and bring you the most challenges. But when I became a father, I realised that parenthood is the most amazing, magically and challenging journey. So if I were to define the most magical moment in my life, would be the moments where my son and my daughter were born and they are the best gifts in life and till today it’s still magical as we journey through life.”

Ben: “To me it’s the same. The most magical moment for me was when I became a father when my first son was born. It really changes everything when a kid comes into your life. For better or for worst, you’ll see yourself in your kids. All the good habits, all the bad habits. You’ll see them as a replication of you. You’ll find the responsibilities have changed and you’d just want to be the best version of yourself to inspire your kids to pick up the right habits and impact the world positively.”

Jaslyn: “So we’ve heard two fathers speak, and found out that the most magical moment is parenthood. So can you imagine that to a mother like myself, you carry a child through pregnancy for 9 months, and giving birth to them? It’s definitely the most magical moment for me, even after my first child, I had my second child. My children still gives me magical moments even when they’re being mischievous. Just like what Ben said “you see yourself in them” and it’s amazing how they take after you in the way they speak and behave. So, I guess that’s how parenthood is. When you talk to your children, they may mimic and reply you in an adult manner, and you’d never be able to anticipate that. So, you’d just have to be prepared that whatever you say today comes back to you in many other forms.

25m 15s mark

Edmund: “So the most magically moment in my life is also the same- also my kids- just joking! *Loud laughter* No, I currently do not have kids. So I’m going to go off tangent here, I’m not going to talk about parenthood, I’m going to talk about something different. In 2005, I flew over to U.S, to the University of Wisconsin where they held a summer classes for clowning. That was the first time I went over there to learn from all the masters in clowning. All the clown celebrities were also there. Over there, I actually met one of my favourite celeb clown – Betty Cash. She is like the Go-To consultant for anything clown, she’s like a tailor for your clothes.

So during photo day, I plucked up my courage and approached her. I asked her for tips on how to improve my clowning. Take note that she’s a huge celeb and very busy, but yet she was still very kind towards me, she took some time out and spoke to me. The one tip I still remember from her, “Not to add too much colours”. To me, that kindness left a very big impression on me. Today, I try to give back whenever I go and teach clowning classes to give back the kindness that was once given to me.”

Touching on Caring Clowns Project, he said he performs on a pro bono basis when he visits children hospitals. He said, “Doctors and nurses can heal the body, but clowns can help to heal the mind. Laughter’s the best medicine.”


Introducing nostalgic childhood candies

28m 40s mark

Ken, AKA roving camera guy, AKA owner of Munch Munch, AKA filming venue sponsor of the talkshow #MunchwithJenandBen, brought out our guests’ favourite childhood snacks – the White Rabbit sweet and Tasty Biscuit. 

Owner and Boss of Munch Munch, he brings all a huge variety of olden day sweets, snacks and drinks. His shop at 371 Guillemard road caters to the neighbouring estates as well as a primary school. Ken’s interest in the retro can also be seen in the display at the one corner of his shop- where he shows off a vintage Vespa, old records, olden day phones and gadgets. If you’re looking for a snack that supermarkets no longer sell, you should try your luck at Munch Munch.

Edmund: Selecting the White Rabbit sweet, he said he was only allowed to eat the sweets during Chinese New Year. So, it has a heightened familiarity whenever he gets to eat it.

Jaslyn: Picking out the Tasty Biscuit. She said that her mom likes this biscuit and it was her mom who introduced it to her. Jaslyn also says that she introduced this to her daughter and now they both like to snack on it.

Watch them eat a special 100th anniversary edition of White Rabbit. It’s made of Matcha (green tea) flavour.


36m 20s mark

Q: How do you create magic in your career and business?

Jaslyn: “Magic. Like what I said earlier, the genie is ourselves. We control our destiny, we control many things. Having self-discipline is a bridge to your goals and accomplishment. This is one way you can control your fate. There is a lot of hard work. If you want an easy life, you have to do the hard things in life. If you choose the easy way, then you’ll have a hard life.”

Edmund: “I’ll add on to what Jaslyn said about hard work and self-discipline. I always try to be mindful to be living in the moment. To live in the present. A lot of us are always on our mobile phones scrolling other people’s lives, and we are distracted from the moment. I feel living in the moment helps us to communicate effectively and more productively. We need to go back to being human again and live in the moment.

Ben:: “I created Asia Advisers Network to try and really shine the spotlight on the good that agents and advisers do for the society and community. I’m sure you guys would agree that bad news are always reported in the newspaper and put on the front page, despite the fact that the rest of you are doing so much good work to protect families and lives.

Most times when I read the entries and submissions for the Asia Trusted Life Agents and Awards, I get really touched. A lot of these agents and advisers go way beyond insurance by giving back to the company, the industry, and even the society.

Keep up the good work, everybody. Asia Advisers Network and Jensen Siaw International will always be here to support you to do the great job you do for the society and industry.”


46m 10s mark

On the topic of support, healthcare workers around the world deserves our full support and admiration. The airtime is dedicated to everyone in healthcare who is fighting the CoVid War at the frontline.

The messages from Jensen, Edmund, Jaslyn and Ben come from the bottom of their hearts with full sincerity and concern. Watch and listen to their message at the 46m mark.


49m 50s mark

BONUS SEGMENT of #MunchwithJenandBen

Edmund delighted everyone with a special magic trick that even YOU can do at home.

The trick takes only 1min but explaining how the trick works take 3mins! We won’t ruin it for the many of you by describing it here. In fact, for many of you, after learning the trick, the magic may be lost and you can’t un-see it. So, #SpoilerAlert, Edmund reveals how it’s done after he demonstrates the trick.


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