Emerge stronger, wiser, and ready to take on the future - MDRT President Regina Bedoya

| 31 Jul 2020

2020 has showed us that humans are resilient no matter what curve balls are thrown at us. Somehow, we always find a way to push forward. Perhaps, that's also the true spirit of the life insurance Industry. The professionals in the field are hardened for success and very few things will stop them in their way.

So, for the first time in history, the MDRT Annual Meeting (AM) and Global Conference (GC) will be held virtually. Members from around the world will still get to experience all the elements of MDRT AM & GC from the comforts of their own homes.

In an exclusive interview, Asia Advisers Network checked in with Regina Bedoya, President of MDRT, and gathered her thoughts on MDRT’s first ever virtual event.

Ensuring it is accessible to all members of the MDRT Global Community, Regina said the Executive Committee made the decision to broadcast the event across five global time zones and will be translating the Virtual Event sessions into 13 languages, including: English, Cantonese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

Additionally, sessions will be split into morning, afternoon and evening blocks to give members time for their families and personal pursuits.

Combining traditional with new

Members can expect the same sense of community they know and love from the virtual event, and they’ll be able to engage in a variety of digital networking opportunities. Like all MDRT events in the past, attendees will hear from inspiring Main Platform speakers, insightful Focus Sessions and dynamic ConneXion Zone sessions – and they’ll leave with exciting, practical strategies for achieving industry and personal success.

The event will continue to equip attendees with fresh, innovative ideas they can implement immediately into their practice. They also get to hear how the top minds in the industry are guiding their business and clients to success, even in the midst of turbulence.  

A few top names to look out for on the Main Platform are best-selling author and motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic, singer Angel Tseng, relationship expert Esther Perel and U.S. Army captain and Miss USA winner, Deshuana Barber.

New this year, members can participate in a virtual scavenger hunt searching for MDRT flags hidden throughout the platform, or completing trivia activities.  Members can even earn points and compete for prizes. 

President’s take on going online

The first half of 2020 has been challenging for everyone, with social distancing measures affecting all aspects of our lives and also our work.

She said, “While the core components of our work and our unyielding commitment to client service remain the same, the way in which we conduct our business and interact with clients and colleagues has changed dramatically.

 “We’re managing our practices online, connecting with colleagues and employees over video and chat rather than in conference rooms.”

Virtual meetings have further highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence in our practice, since it’s more difficult to read body language and emotions via video or chat.

But with resources readily available to MDRT members, it’s no surprise that Regina aces the online meetings, “I’ve been surprised by how personal many of my virtual connections with clients have been. When I’m on a video call with a client, they see me in my home and vice versa, and we are instantly able to relate to each other over the challenges of juggling work and personal lives.”


Stay focused and safeguard your clients’ interest

It’s hard to know when we’ll return to “normal” and what that will look like in terms of our economy and way of living. In the meantime, advisers are encouraged to remain focused on serving clients as they navigate these challenging times and ensure their clients have safeguards in place to protect themselves and their families.

We’re facing an extended period of unprecedented change, and recovery will take time

-Regina Bedoya

Members can stay focused by joining their local MDRT study group or local Chapter where they’ll find a community of accomplished advisers who can share how they’re navigating these difficult times.

The MDRT mentor program is also available for members to partner up with a more experience adviser who will provide a personalised coaching and guidance on ways to further grow their business and care for their customers.

MDRT members should remain committed to high standards of excellence and put the needs of clients at the centre of everything we do, as more and more individuals are thinking about whether their current financial plans are adequate and able to withstand times of crisis.

“I believe that, even after the coronavirus crisis ends, people will have more of a desire to prepare for the unexpected,” Regina said. The industry should be ready to help them find financial planning solutions that provide a sense of security when it comes to their families’ financial wellbeing.

Regina believes it’s essential for advisers to remain educated about best practices and products specific to new technologies, and tailor services accordingly. And her goal is to continue utilising MDRT’s multitude of tools and resources to continue incorporating cutting-edge technology into her practice.

Regina’s Presidency will end in September, but she intends to complete her role as President with the same passion and commitment to ensure that the association's value proposition reflects MDRT’s members' changing needs. Regina will serve as Immediate Past President once her term ends.

“It’s truly an honour and a privilege to serve as your President, because I believe in you and your ability to face any challenge with resilience, determination and faith in the future. I know, even in the face of uncertainty, you’ll continue striving toward new, exciting ways to serve and delight your clients,” said Regina as she ends the interview.


Attend the MDRT Virtual Meeting from the 3rd -7th Aug 2020

MDRT has waived the membership application late fee for all 2020 applicants, so qualifying advisers can join at any time. The price of the Virtual Event is also lowered to USD 149, to ensure the historic experience is affordable for all.

In addition, they have waived 2021 production requirements for anyone who was an MDRT member in 2019 or 2020, and they’ve adjusted the 2021 production requirement, based on the 2020 requirement, for prior-to-2019 members or those applying for the first time.

MDRT has also developed an MDRT Focus on Resources website hub that’s updated regularly with fresh new strategies and relevant, top-tier expertise– from marketing your business to advising clients –providing you specific resources to help agents and advisers be successful right now. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and we’ll e-meet you there.

Together, we’ll emerge stronger, wiser, and ready to take on the future. –Regina Bedoya


This MDRT coverage is brought to you in collaboration with Manulife.

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