Financial Adviser of the Year 2020 - Wilfred Wong

| 14 Aug 2020

Financial Adviser of the Year- Wilfred Wong, AIA Financial Advisers, Singapore

For the quality of his business with high persistency rate, and his commitment to educating the public through various initiatives to improve financial literacy especially among the youths and young working adults.

At the age of only 25, Wilfred has been a financial consultant for two and a half years. Within this short time frame, he has qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, as well as the International Dragon Award in 2018. On top of clinching both prestigious awards, he is also a Triple convention qualifier, all of which he attained while still studying full-time at the Nanyang Technological University.

As a maritime studies undergraduate, he considered pursuing a career in the maritime industry or as an engineer. But he decided to change course to pursue a career in financial advisory because it allows him to continue learning. He also loves interacting with people from all walks of life, deriving his energy from listening to their stories. He finds great purpose in helping clients who have placed their trust in him to secure their future and protect their wellbeing and income, as well as grow their wealth for the long-term.

To add value, he periodically updates his clients about the financial markets. He has also developed a unique catalogue called the Dreams Menu, which allows his clients to choose their dream house, car and lifestyle. This helps them visualise their future financial goals coming to life, learn where their gaps are, and how he can help them achieve their aspirations.

With the aim to help young millennials and aspirants to better understand financial planning, he also launched a book titled “University Graduates’ Adulting Starter Pack”. He has also visited campuses to share with the undergraduates about the key actionable steps of financial planning. To further help educate people about financial planning, he came up with a broadcast and mailing list called #WeeklyWilly, where he shares about financial news and insights with clients, friends and family members on a weekly basis.

His motivation is derived from wanting to make his parents proud, to represent his company and organisation on the international stage, and from his own personal belief that life should be a journey of perpetual progress and growth.


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