What is it like working with Jaslyn Ng? 3x COT producer and financial services manager

| 26 Jul 2021

Video edited by Sharon Zhong

Jaslyn Ng, once a high-flying HR director at a huge company, now an agency leader whose name is not only huge within Prudential, but also within the insurance industry.

Many would be wondering what’s it like working with a three-time Court of the Table producer, financial services manager and Asia's Top 5 Rookie Insurance Agent at the 4th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards? So, we invited her team of financial consultants to share an intimate look at Jaslyn as their leader.

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We gave the interview questions on the spot. So, expect zero rehearsal and 100% authenticity.

Five questions. Seven financial consultants. One leader. One team. What will we be expecting?

We’ve walked one day in her shoes, now it’s time to get to know her from another angle- through the eyes of her team members. Watch the video clip, brought to you in collaboration with Assets Prestige Alliance, to find out.

Financial consultants involved (in order of appearance):

Jaylyn Ng, financial consultant


Celeste Koo, financial consultant


Georgina Tan, senior financial consultant

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Zhou Aihua, senior financial consultant

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Martin Liu, financial consultant


Maybel Heng, senior financial consultant

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Ryo Shu, executive financial consultant

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