InsurTech of the Year 2021 - HeartzMail

| 05 Aug 2021

For creating tools that enhance the quality of relationships between agents and their clients; for simplifying technical terms to make it easier for clients to understand their insurance coverage; and for developing personal branding tools that help advisers enhance their position and referrals.

When financial technology comes to mind, there are two main types of technologies — technologies designed to replace financial agents, and technologies designed to support financial agents. Headquarter (HQ), an innovation by HeartzMail, belongs to the latter. In facing increasing competition in the financial industry, the HQ platform was designed with the needs of financial advisers and experience of their clients in mind.

The success of HQ is evidenced by the numerous testimonials that showcased the benefits and ROI that users and agents have reaped from using the various technologies powered by HQ. Users have found HQ to be user-friendly, human-centric and valuable in solving real pain points as the system helps to streamline day-to-day business and sales processes.

Unlike many other CRM companies that focus on purely keeping data, HQ places strong emphasis on delivering touchpoints and enhancing the quality of relationships between clients and agents. HQ's proprietary innovation, FirstPage, has helped agents consolidate a daily focused to-do list that cultivates a habit of calling on their clients regularly on their birthdays and for reviews. This not only increases agents' engagement with clients and odds of conversion, but more importantly, this closes the servicing gaps and increases repurchase rates in the marketplace.

While InsurTech companies tend to focus on sophisticated summaries that contain jargon that mostly only agents can understand, HQ stays invested in helping the layperson understand the key figures that matter in their financial portfolios. The layperson who receives summaries via WhatsApp or Telegram from their agents tend to help them remember their coverage, plans and shortfalls better.

The personal branding tools provided by the Headquarter platform have also helped many advisers enhance their positioning and referrals, and currently powers some of the highest numbers of personal web profiles in the InsurTech industry.

In addition, the capability to automate the sending of physical cards and allow agents and users to upload their own images through the digital HQ platform has enabled users to display their creativity and individuality through customisation, bringing about higher satisfaction among agents’ clients and their families.

The unique and innovative solutions by Headquarter are in tune with the needs of the financial services market, and the out-of-the-box and fresh solutions that HQ came up with has brought about positive changes and impacted the way advisers think about and carry out their business and handle relationships.

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