InsurTech of the Year 2019 - Goalsmapper

| 23 Aug 2019

GoalsMapper is built with the fundamental principles of personalisation, convenience and relevance to reshape the financial planning experience by expanding customer expectations. The solution was developed with advice and feedback from more than 30 veteran financial planners across various agencies.

It enables financial advisers to help their clients visualise their financial status and stress test their portfolio instantaneously. With the Goals-Planning feature and Scenario-Based Planning feature, clients are able to understand their finances with greater clarity. Objections can also be handled with precise and accurate projections of problems and solutions. Moreover, after meeting their clients, users can generate various reports with a single click.

GoalsMapper helps agents and advisers to:

  • Differentiate themselves by impressing their clients visually through identifying the gaps in their financial health and seeing the impact of real-life scenarios and how the proposed solutions can help them.
  • Provide real-time advice for a more productive appointment by getting an overview of a client’s financial life laid out in minutes. So less time is spent on crunching numbers, and the focus can be on finding the best solutions.
  • Provide greater clarity. No more estimated numbers as the charts provide the highest resolution for financial planning, allowing advisers to create a precise picture of a client’s financial status.
  • Build instant trust as it increases professionalism by value-adding to even more demanding and better-informed clients. It helps to create interactive discussions through scenarios and plans comparison.

In less than a year since its launch, some 400 advisers have subscribed to using GoalsMapper. It is now available to financial advisers in four markets across Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

It also participated in the Dsion Startup Challenge – Singapore in 2018 where it showcased its software, and shared its vision, marketing strategies and partnership opportunities in today’s competitive environment. GoalsMapper was crowned one of the winners among the top 10 startup finalists in the live pitch finals held in December.

Aiming to continue innovating and value-adding to the industry through emerging technologies, it plans to develop a client portal and develop through an ecosystem for customers, merchants, financial institutions and advisers by 2022.


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