Charge up for a better 2020

| 10 Jan 2020

Video edited by Sharon Zhong

A new year, a new start. For those who achieved your goals, a big kudos to you. For those who fell a little short from reaching your targets, don't lose hope. There's no need to beat yourself up or feel devastated. Because it is okay to fail, and here's why:

#1- No effort is wasted

As long as you’ve done your professional best for your clients and done your due diligence, no effort is wasted. Sure, you were hoping they would come in during last year’s production. But, your hard work and genuine concern to plan for their financial future will see them coming in eventually.


#2 – The most important lessons are the hardest

If you’re feeling emotional about not achieving your goal, it meant that you gave your entirety and fought your hardest to reach your goal.

These emotions will help propel you to a stronger start this year.


#3 – Reflect and improve

Ask yourself, “What are the reasons that made you fail from reaching your goals?”

And if you achieved your goals, this is important for you, too. You need to find out what were the reasons that helped you reach your goals. These would be the reasons you’d need to revisit for days or months where you’re falling short from your target.

With these short tips in mind, we hope you’re charged up and ready for a better 2020.

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