#MDRTDAYSG2020 Day 2: Better and Further Together

| 18 Sep 2020

Video edited by Azri Bahari. Video source courtesy of MDRT MCC Singapore. This MDRT Day Singapore 2020 coverage is brought to you in collaboration with Income.

The 3rd MDRT Day Singapore 2020 with the theme "Towards MDRT Together" continued with zest on day two, driving a strong message about "better together" and "further together". Asia Advisers Network is pleased to provide the highlights as official media partner.

Dream Big In The New World

Brian Heckert

Make this the turning point of your career. Let this be the fantastic year that you wanted at the start of the year, said Brian Heckert, Past President of MDRT (2016).    

How do you make this transition? First, review your presentation and identify your strengths and weaknesses, and learn to get better. Next, explore clients’ needs, invite them to zoom meetings and talk to them about what you are able to provide. “Don’t talk about products, only talk about how to help them,” he said. List the company market strengths and your strengths, and rank current clients’ unmet needs.

He continued, do these things and capstone that with a creative and exciting business plan, you can hit COT and TOT.

  • Start with your goals - A roadmap that sets your brain in motion. Set big goals.

  • Second, create a mission statement - For people to see and understand you.

  • Lastly, create a vision statement - What you envision for your future.

He also spoke on the success hierarchy, the need to be mindful of your thoughts as your thoughts become your destiny: Thoughts => Words => Actions => Habits => Character => Destiny.

Think smart and think big, you will make the “turning point to become the person that you dreamt big about,” he said.

Study Group To Increase Productivity

Live from USA - The morning session featured a live interaction with Brian Heckert’s Top of the Table (TOT) Study Group that has been meeting for 22 years!

The group came together as they were all looking to improve, provide better client experience and have a group of people similar in age, values and mindsets.

Most study groups fall apart after 2-3 years. But Brian’s group did something special and figured out the rules: to have shared expenses and responsibilities for each meeting including setting out the agenda, putting the logistics together as well as bringing in outside speakers. It is about giving in order to grow.

It was also a chance for the audience to ask the high-performing and dynamic group questions like what glued them together for so long, serving high networth clients, finding mentors, fact-finding and leading prospects subtly.

Panel Discussion - Further Together

(L-R) Nadia Wijatno with Panelists: Lynn Cheong, Cindy Mak, Apelles Poh.

“The real potential of the insurance business is all about helping people,” said Lynn Cheong, Executive Financial Consultant. Even a task like filling out claims forms for clients may be a simple act, but it’s part of doing good for the benefit of clients’ lives.

“In the course of helping clients, we enrich ourselves - building relationships and becoming better human beings, are really the magic of the business,” she said. She highlighted that the friendships forged with so many clients are enduring relationships built on a deeply personal level.

Having started in the industry during a recession, she said anytime is a good time. There is demand even during a recession, as shown by the current 3.4% growth in the industry.

Lynn stressed that the key to growing the business not only financially, but with joy and happiness, is to have the right clients. Positive people interacting with one another in a symbiotic relationship as they grow together, she added.

Cindy Mak, Master Financial Consultant, asked: “Who do you spend the most time with on a daily basis?” The people you spend time with mould your character, affect how you perceive things and your outlook in life.

Most important of all - love your job. Customers love to work with people who love their jobs as any recommendations that come from you will be from your heart, she noted.

Apelles Poh, Senior Financial Services Director, advised: “Embrace a life of positive energy.” Every day is a day to make a difference, he said.

He highlighted the importance of the MDRT Whole Person concept: relationships, health, education, career, service, financial, spiritual. Take care of the body, so physically, there is energy to run the race. On the emotional level, mix with positive people and have a positive mental attitude to have positive results. Embrace life-long learning and find mentors who are able to help you grow, and constantly grow and invest in yourself.

Lastly, embrace holistic financial planning and constantly add value to clients, he said.

Innovative CI Info Cube To Take You To The Next Level

Jenny Yeoh

Critical illness policies can be a sensitive subject to talk about, especially in the Asian context. Jenny Yeoh, Past Country Chair of MDRT MCC Malaysia (2012-2014) demonstrated how to use a CI info cube she created to help clients understand and also financial advisers explain CI insurance effectively.

The benefits of CI insurance cover three important needs: (1) ongoing needs - a lump sum that will help support living expenses during recovery; (2) emergency needs - a lump sum that will be paid immediately upon diagnosis; and (3) future needs – a high lump sum that can potentially serve as an income replacement. She urged financial advisers to start educating clients on the benefits of CI insurance.

Listing the top five claims: cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, coronary artery by-pass surgery and stroke, she stressed that advisers need to know the medical definitions in these policies in order to help clients make claims. She recommends using the CI info cube that has the definitions of the critical illnesses and benefits of the policy stated in it for ease of reference.

An MDRT member for 18 years, 6 COT and 1 TOT, she has achieved all these with a focus to help clients get income replacement through CI insurance - providing financial aid at the most critical time.

She encouraged the audience to “Live with no regrets, love with no limits. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”  

Have You Met The “Dragon”?
Once You Master This Wisdom, You Will Clear Any Goals Beyond TOT

Lusi Lim

In the final session, Lusi Lim, CEO and Chief Coach of Lusi Group, shared her three wisdom on clearing any goals.

First: When you hit a wall, break the pattern and explore new grounds.

Second: The bigger the setback, the stronger the bounce back.

Third: Do not settle. Go get your dragon.

The 3rd MDRT Day Singapore, the first-ever virtual event, brought together 18 speakers from across five countries and facilitated ‘Live’ Q&A with 88% of the speakers. Watch Highlights of Day 1

This MDRT Day Singapore 2020 coverage is brought to you in collaboration with Income.

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