#MDRTDAYSG2020 Day 1: Stronger Together

| 17 Sep 2020

Video edited by Azri Bahari. Video source courtesy of MDRT MCC Singapore. This MDRT Day Singapore 2020 coverage is brought to you in collaboration with Income.

The 3rd MDRT Day Singapore 2020 with the theme "Towards MDRT Together" commenced yesterday. Day 1 was all about "Stronger Together", and Asia Advisers Network is proud to bring you the highlights as official media partner.

Jensen Siaw

Emcee Jensen Siaw, Chief Motivator of Jensen Siaw International, kept the energy high throughout the day as the MDRT Membership Communications Committee Singapore adapted to the new norm with its first-ever virtual event.


Welcome Address

Delia Wong

Delia Wong, Country Chair of MDRT MCC Singapore, shared in her welcome address, the uncertainty and disruption to the event’s original plan as COVID-19 hit our shores.

But she said that with the resulting impact from the global pandemic on lives and livelihoods, “We knew what the ground needed.” The ground needed inspiration, encouragement and motivation. Hence, the committee went about adopting new norms and adapting to new ways.

Stronger together, better together, further together – “We know that times are tough for all of you. We want all of you to know that you are not alone. We are all in this together,” she said.


Success Plan

Ian Green

In “Success Plan”, MDRT President Ian Green shared lessons from his journey from the time he was a rookie in the industry.

While he shared that some goals may take longer than planned, he said: “As an adviser, you are responsible for your own future.”

An idea that he shared was the “Opportunity Grid”. He would create a grid on a piece of paper, listing all the products available on top, and his clients’ names down the side. If a client already had the product, he would colour the box in green. If a customer didn’t need the product, for example, retirement savings when the client has already retired, he colours the square black.  

The gaps were all the opportunities to provide another great service to clients to highlight the gaps in their plan.

Encouraging all to aim higher, he said Top of the Table producers are just like you and me, possessing “no superpowers”.

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Time to Speed Up

Miliana Marten

Miliana Marten, Country Chair of MDRT MCC Indonesia, shared it is “Time to Speed Up”.  Giving her testimony on the miracle of insurance, she shared her brush with cancer three years ago.

It was a massive shock to her when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 42. But the experience and the success in fighting it off have strengthened her confidence in the miracle of insurance as she shared the importance of critical illness protection with her clients and their loved ones.

A crisis brings danger, but a crisis also brings opportunity, she said. Likewise, in the current pandemic, she shared the need to see opportunities.

She shared how she has been collaborating with partners including hospitals and doctors to conduct webinars, attracting 60-80 participants for each session.

An interesting idea that she shared in converting participants to prospects and clients involves a small but powerful tweak to the feedback form. Instead of asking a “Yes/No” question such as would you like to find out more about insurance?; she asks a “Yes/Yes” question – What is the greatest concern for you in this global pandemic? Emergency cash fund, hospitalisation costs, or loss of income? So whatever option is chosen, it’s a “Yes” answer.


Cradle to Grave

Angjolie Mei

Next up was Angjolie Mei, Managing Director of The Life Celebrant, a memorialisation and funeral services company. Speaking on “Cradle to Grave”, she said: “We all need insurance. I believe insurance can help save lives.”

But she highlighted that when it comes to end of life planning, other than areas such as estate planning, advanced medical directive, lasting power of attorney, and will writing, an area that is often missing is funeral pre-planning.

The funeral can then be done according to the deceased’s wishes, and family members do not have to be distressed in making funeral services decisions. In fact, insurance can also play a role by purchasing a policy to cover the expenses

Having helped many to commemorate the lives of loved ones and in providing customised and meaningful funeral planning and preplanning services for individuals and families, Angjolie concluded with this parting message, “Live life with no regrets, leave life with no regrets.”


Delivering Engaging Webinars

Joshua Luke

Joshua Luke, Global Master Trainer, Jensen Siaw International, shared on a much-needed skill in this current environment: “Delivering Engaging Webinars”.

He shared the “Triple-D” in delivering engaging virtual meetings and webinars.  

Be Dynamic: Through body language, facial expressions and engage with questions and activities.

Be Dazzling: Choosing a contrasting colour for the background, using a natural background if possible, image projection in branding through dressing and colour psychology in selecting the right colours to wear whether to appear more assertive or to appear friendlier.

Be Directing: Ability to multi-task on-screen, resource management and preparation of equipment and materials needed to ensure they are within reach.


Courage to Believe

Laura Hoi and Tony Gordon 

In the anchor session on “Courage to Believe”, Laura Hoi, MDRT, MCC South East Asia Zone Chair, interviewed Tony Gordon, Past President of MDRT (2001).

Amongst the ideas shared by Tony was to change the vocabulary of helping clients find the need to asking clients what they want.

“When we tell a client what they need, we are selling to them. We have to make two sales. Firstly, we have to persuade them to agree that this is what they need. Secondly, we have to persuade them we can solve that need for them,” he said.

But by asking people what they want – for example, “What do you want for your family in the event of your untimely death?” – you are no longer selling to them; you are helping them to buy. As prospects have decided what they want, you only have to make one sale then – you. If a prospect trusts you, they will buy from you.

“It’s a tiny, tiny difference, and it’s worth millions to us,” he said.


Look out for Day 2 highlights tomorrow. 


This MDRT Day Singapore 2020 coverage is brought to you in collaboration with Income.

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