#MDRTDAYSG2020: A time for great learning and action - Tan Chuan How

| 16 Sep 2020

Tan Chuan How, Chief Agency Officer, Income. Video edited by Sharon Zhong

The 3rd MDRT Day Singapore 2020 is the first-ever virtual event open to all Million Dollar Round Table members and non-members. Wherever you are - local or overseas - join in for two full days of learning at the comfort of your home, office or staycation hotel room.

With Asia Advisers Network as the official media partner again, we bring you MDRT Day Singapore 2020 event coverage in collaboration with Income.

Here’s an opening message from Tan Chuan How, Chief Agency Officer, Income:

“Hello delegates of the MDRT Day Singapore 2020. This year has been an unusual year in many different ways. This year is the year where the truly determined, the truly dedicated, and the truly adaptable will thrive. And I’m sure - you sitting in the crowd - you are one of them.

Many industries have suffered, but the insurance sector continues to show great resilience and strength. You may have seen the recent Straits Times article, about the GDP of Singapore falling 13.2%. But the insurance and finance sector has risen 3.4% year on year.

As all of us move into the final lap of the year, let us head towards MDRT, together. I’m sure the management of your company is behind you and supporting you in many different ways. And I hope that together, we will achieve the great results that we wanted this year.

With that, enjoy your day of great learning today, and let’s hope you put it all into action.”


This MDRT Day Singapore 2020 coverage is brought to you in collaboration with Income.

You can find more information available at https://mdrtdaysingapore2020.com/ , alternatively you can read more in our coverage MDRT Day 2020 ‘Towards MDRT Together’ .

And if you like, catch up with Delia Wong, Country chair of MDRT MCC here.


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